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Kingdom Hearts III Funko Pop Quick Guide

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With the official Funko Twitter account confirming that more Kingdom Hearts III Pop! figures are coming soon, we here at KH13 would like to make a quick guide on the KH3 line of Pops. We will cover the Pops that have released, the ones coming soon, and the ones which have been rumoured to release soon.




The Funko Pop! figures that have, or are going to be released. They should be available from any retailer that sells Funko Pops!


KH3 Sora:


KH3 Sora Pop


Soldier Heartless:


KH3 Soldier Heartless Pop


Sora Monsters Inc.:


Sora Monsters Inc Pop



Donald Monsters Inc.:


Donald Monsters Inc Pop



Goofy Monsters Inc.:


Goofy Monsters Inc Pop



Coming Soon

KH3 Vanitas Pop


KH3 Riku:

Coming Soon

KH3 Riku Pop


KH3 Mickey:

Coming Soon

Kh3 Mickey Pop


Pops that are exclusives have stickers on the lower right hand corner denoting this.






Sora Guardian Form (Walmart): Released

KH3 Sora Guardian Form Pop



Sora Drive Form (Best Buy):

Coming Soon Nov. 23, 2018

KH3 Sora Drive Form Pop



Sora Toy Story (Hot Topic):

Coming Soon

KH3 Sora Toy Story Pop


Sora Dual Blasters (GameStop😞

Coming Soon Nov. 2018

Sora Dual Blasters Pop




We have reported here at KH13 that the Meow Wow Ride Pop is rumored to be coming soon. It is rumored to be Gamestop Exclusive. As of now, no official confirmation for the Pop has been announced.


List of US retailers that sell KH Pop! Funko:


Hot Topic


Best Buy


Barnes & Nobles




Toy Tokyo


Purchasing Tips:


Funko can have an interesting release schedule. Some will be announced and not be for sale for months, and others will be announced and be on store shelves within a few weeks. Exclusive Pops tend to have better release schedules as the exclusive retailer is more likely to announce when they will go on sale.


Online shopping for Funkos can be tricky. Pops can sell out quickly online if a store page is even published. Your best bet is to follow us here at KH13, follow your preferred local store’s social media pages, and popular social media accounts known to post Funko news. Hot Topic, BoxLunch, and F.Y.E make posts for their individual store and have a leaning for Funko Pops. Instagram is where we have noted is these stores tend to be more active on.


GameStop is a great place for pre-ordering Funko Pops. Just like how they do their video game pre-orders, all you have to do put down a $5 deposit to have them hold it for you. You can pay it fully anytime before, or on the day of release. Check their pre-order listings to see if they have your preferred Pop!


Amazon can also be a great source to find Pops. Be aware, however, that pre-orders for Pops can be a hassle. Pop release dates fluctuate. You can pre-order the Pop early and receive a different shipping date 3-4 days after it is released. If you wish to pre-order from Amazon but want the Prime 2-Day shipping, make sure to buy it as close as to the release date.


If the retailers do not have these Pops, eBay and PPG Marketplace is a great source to find Pops, albeit at higher prices. As a recent example, Walmart has allowed for Sora Guardian Form to be on for sale twice. Both times, the Pop sold out in mere minutes. Within a few days, the Pop became available on both eBay and PPG.


We hope that you found our Funko Pop! quick guide useful! We will update this article and our coverage as more Pops are confirmed and released.


[uPDATE] Oct. 14, 2018: Sora Dual Blasters was revealed and removed from the rumored section of this article.

[uPDATE] Oct. 15, 2018: Vanitas, Riku, and Mickey Pops have been revealed. They have been removed from the rumored section.


Are you planning to get any of these Pops? Let us know!

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I think some of those like Sora with blasters will appear on 5 November.

Thanks! We found a source revealing Sora w/dual blasters coming out in November but with no specific date. Once we find it, we'll update this. Expect the guide to be updated when news comes out.

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