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Unfortunately, the trainer facing Typhus could not best the Gym Leader in the set 30 minute time limit. “Time’s up!” Typhus starts to get impatient at the trainer. “Did you come here to waste my time?” Jake stands up, knowing Typhus is getting angry. He readies a PokéBall. Typhus continues to scold the trainer. “How dare you enter MY GYM and toy around with my Pokémon with no skill! You’ll pay for such insolence! Butterfree, use Headbutt!” The Butterfree starts to charge at Tassel’s Growlithe, but was immediately interrupted. A shiny Sceptile grabs the Butterfree’s head, halting its assault. It throws the Pokémon back near Typhus’ location. Kadachi, as the shiny Sceptile is named, stands regally, with a red scarf containing a Sceptilenite wrapped around his neck. 

Jake stands besides Kadachi. “Typhus, enough!” Everyone in the Gym was silent. Jake continues. “I have had enough of your impatient attitude of yours! A true Gym Leader would never act in such a way. As of today, you will resign your position as Gym Leader. Surrender your badge!” 

Typhus growls. He did not want his title taken from him, even by the Champion. “I will NEVER! Signal Beam!” Jake’s Sceptile pushes his master away from danger. Typhus’ Butterfree fires a beam at Kadachi, with a small explosion when it strikes the Pokémon. 

The dust clears away, with Kadachi standing strong, merely cracking its neck and waiting for Jake’s command. The attack did nothing but chip damage to him. Jake makes his move. “Kadachi, Leaf Storm!” The Sceptile turns its back to the Butterfree, with his tail spinning like a drill. He finally dismembers his tail, with it launching at the Butterfree, taking it out in one strike. Kadachi immediately regenerates a new tail. 

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- Elly Sanguine, Hyssop Town -

"Thank goodness that's it," Freo commented with a sigh as he soothed his primed muscles into quiet submission.  "If so, feel free to continue.  I thought for sure that there was a g-g-g- . . . g- . . ."

"A ghost," finished Xsira, tails swishing behind her as she sat.  "Freo believes in ghosts beyond Ghost Types."

"And whose fault is that?" barked Freo, his momentary stutter shattered by agitation.  "You kept telling me about ghost stories ever since we were young."

"And they were just that, stories," the Espeon replied with her can-do-no-wrong voice, grooming her front paw afterwards.

Meanwhile, Elly smiled in response, still swaying her legs beneath her idly.

"I'm the same way.  Journeying and visiting place after place is a great way to find out exactly how different things can be.  In Johto you have a lot of forests, lakes, and caves, but here it is almost tropical.  I'm excited to see more places and . . ."

She trailed off, looking worriedly over to the uproaring Gym Leader after the youth before him was bested by the battle limit.  The man was a firebrand, a candle burning on both ends, it seemed, and someone stepped into the ring with a Sceptile in the lead.  It was the man from before, with the Lucario.  He must have been quite the bigwig to tell the Gym Leader to resign.  Elly did not know much about officials in Johto or elsewhere, but if she ever was to realise that this was the champion of the region she would, no doubt, freak out.

Freo and Xsira had their attention wrapped up in the situation as well, Freo especially.  As Elly's self-proclaimed chief guardian, he watched the situation play out and kept a lookout for other dangerous or curious activity.  No one will get past his eyes and ears, or so he believed deeply.

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Oros would think for a bit. "The Champion is pretty busy as it is. Our job is to make sure that he doesn't leave the town." Oros said, looking back up at the town. "As for making sure that no one flies out either, we already have something in motion." He looked down at her. "You see! One of our bosses is a genius! She and her team created something to help us. As we speak, the other members are standing by hidden devices that will create an electric field around the town. No one will be able to get in or out. Even if they find out that the devices are hidden throughout the town! They wouldn't find it!" Oros chuckled. He would hum. "Actually." He pointed at Anna. "Anna! Go inside and challenge the champion to a fight!" He said, smiling. "Go on. Go inside and challenge him. I'm sure that it'll be a great distraction." Oros said, patting her back. 


The appointed teams were at their given places. "Everyone ready?" Nero asked, standing in the chamber of Giratina. Everyone was ready, chiming in. Nero nodded, glancing back at the technical team. "Rev it up." He asked. The technical team nodded, pulling on the levers as they turned on the electricity. The machines would hum before beginning to send electric signals across the chamber. If Giratina wanted to turn them off, he'll have to show up first. 


Xero remained calm, watching ever so calmly as the fight was abruptly interrupted. He turned to his partner. "You see that, Eon?" Xero asked. "A champion is not only the strongest, but represents the best that there is in the sportsmanship of Pokemon battles." He said, turning to look back at Jake. "That is the man we are aiming to defeat, Eon. That is the man we are going to take down." He insisted. Eon nodded, ever so energetic. Xero raised a hand, using it to cup it next to his cheek. "Best do like your Pokemon and scatter, Typhon. Wouldn't want you losing more pride, if you have any left that is."

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Anna grinned as she received her orders “Yes sir” she says before she looked to both Pancham. “Lets give them hell kiddos” she smiles and marches into the gym. Swinging open the doors trying to make as large of a scene as possible.  “TAMARA LEAUGE CHAMPION, JAKE! I CHALLENGE YOU TO DIRECT BATTLE. 6 ON 6! NO HOLDS BARS!” She exclaims as the two pancham stand proudly, flanking her sides.




Lilliana arrives at towns edge. 

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- Astrid Siv - Hyssop Town - Hyssop Pokemon Gym -

"Oh, so you thought that we, that I, was a ghost. No, I am no ghost nor I've seen one," Ammy said to Freo, "The Lady used to be scared of ghost types back when she was small. She always asked her parents to check for monsters under the bed or inside the closet."

The ninetales glanced at her master and slightly nodded, as if giving an approving nod.

"But with the passing of the seasons she managed to conquer that fear."

Astrid's sketching came to a sudden stop when the Gym leader began to feel impatient because the trainer who had come to challenge him was not able to defeat him before the time limit came to an end. This person was not only rude, but also he also looked quite self-centered. The guy who was with the Lucario had gone down to try to stop the leader, only to be attacked by one of his pokemon. The guy was saved by his own Sceptile, who used his own tail for an attack, and managed to defeat the Gym leader's pokemon. As this happened, Ammy quickly moved in front of Astrid, her intention clear, to protect her master from any possible harm.

"What is going on? This goes against the rules of a pokemon battle," Astrid said.

At that moment the doors of the gym suddenly opened and a young girl came inside, followed by two Pancham. This girl was asking the Pokemon League Champion for a battle, which confused Astrid. Apparently the Champion was in the gym.


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