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[11-13-18] Marluxia Falling Price Deal and Fantasia Mickey Avatar Boards are here

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Kingdom Hearts Union x's new update is here with a Marluxia [+] medal back in a Falling Price Deal, along with a Fantasia Mickey Mouse avatar board that is available for 2,500 jewels! 


From November 13th - November 22nd, 2018 (PST) get a Marluxia [+] medal in this XIII Falling Price Deal starting at 3,000 jewels that drops to as low as 1,900 jewels by the fifth draw! Marluxia [+]: Reversed, Guilt 8 medal. 2 turns: R-STR +3, STR & S-STR +7, targets' DEF -4. Marluxia [+] does one single hit on a random target, which is a rare feature for an Attack medal. Obtain Trait Medal #57 for Marluxia [+] both from this deal and the current XIII event! 


Speaking of the current XIII event, from midnight November 13th - November 22nd, 2018 (PST), the New XIII Event: Challenge Marluxia will be held! Challenge Marluxia, but be warned - he gets stronger every time he is defeated! There are 13 quests total in this event and only the Divine Rose keyblade can be used! Complete the quests and earn a total of 5,000 jewels and five Trait Medal #57 to power up Marluxia [+] medal! 


From November 13th to November 24th, 2018 the Fantasia Mickey Mouse avatar boards will be available to open for 2,500 jewels each! Each board includes a set of avatar parts, a special title, a trio of useful skills, a Power Gem, and an assortment of boost medals. The Fantasia Mickey Hat (M/F) has a Skill Perk of +9! 


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So, it looks like the skills are missing from the first post. The Fantasia Mickey boards come with Attack Boost 8 Max, Attack Boost 7 Max & Gauge 0, and Attack Boost 6 Max & Lux++.


Anyway, Marluxia+ is a pretty good medal, being the first random target medal that actually debuffs the enemy (as opposed to yourself ala Saix+). His damage is on par with Saix+, so he's not a bad choice for pulling and evolving to 7*. He's not needed for the event like some previous Org. XIII members have been, but he's still useful if you have him.

Speaking of the event, you'll want to make sure you have the Divine Rose booster from Union Cross before starting, and it's a good idea to have your Divine Rose at least at lv. 30. You can go for a pure offensive strategy, but if you find that you aren't doing enough damage, a defensive strategy will also work. The thing you'll need to keep in mind, however, is that he uses an attack on turns 1/3/5 that can't be defended against. This means you'll need to kill him within 5 turns using a defensive strategy. You can find more info on setups on YouTube by checking out damo279 and SmellyOctopus.

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