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[Updated] Amazon's Cyber Monday stream reveals Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade Pre-order DLC after Together Trailer

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A Kingdom Hearts III trailer has been showcased during the Amazon's Cyber Monday stream, that took place at 1-4pm PST, Monday. They played a shortened version of the previously shown Together Trailer, and announced that whenever you pre-order Kingdom Hearts III at Amazon, you can receive the exclusive Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade DLC! This Keyblade skin is also available for Japanese pre-orders of the game via 7net Shopping. This offer is for the United States and Canada only.

You can check out the trailer and the exclusive screenshot of Dawn Till Dusk below.


During the stream, we were also able to catch a glimpse of what the back of the Kingdom Hearts III case might look like.


Will you be pre-ordering the game from Amazon? Do you already have a copy reserved? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE [Nov 27, 2018]: The situation is unclear, but it seems to have been a misunderstanding/disagreement between Amazon and Square that may have instigated Amazon's misleading marketing: the "world premiere of a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer" did not happen due to Amazon Games not receiving any exclusive video footage, and they failed to explain this clearly in the tweet they posted before the stream, as well as during the stream itself. The trailer aired was a shorter version of the Together trailer with no new footage. This miscommunication left many fans upset and disappointed.

Amazon Video Games during the stream apologized about the situation, where you can view the screenshots below.



UPDATE [Nov 27, 2018]: As a response to @manysuperjamous's inquiry, Greg Miller explained on the latest Kinda Funny Games Youtube video that on Monday, 30 minutes before they went live, Amazon had called them to say the trailer wasn't finished in time and so it wasn't going to be sent to them. He went on to say the screenshot of Sora holding the Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade DLC was in fact part of the new trailer that was not finished in time. They anticipated the disappointment and completely understood the fans' reactions. You can watch the video below.



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Didn't expect anything, got even less. I wonder what they're thinking, because they probably just made fans so pissed they'd rather just preorder the game from ANYWHERE except from Amazon...

I mean, I'm laughing, but that was such a bad move. Not funny.

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I personally enjoyed how the chat roasted the guys who presented the games and Amazon in general. It was rage, it was chaos, and it felt good. The amount of viewers decreased by half, karma stroke back.

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I was considering switching over my pre-order to Amazon depending on what they were going to show today. After that miserable failed marketing maneuver? Nope. Still keen on getting the collectors from the SENA website. 

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This is disappointing, not only did they excite us and ended up giving us a shorten summarized trailer of previous trailers, but they have also announced a lame looking keyblade skin that is AGAIN exclusive for USA and Canada. Even the same skin can be found as an exclusive 7/11 for Japan.
Why can't the rest of the world get the same skin everywhere by basically putting it within the PS store? 
And why did Amazon keep hyping us to end up announcing such repetitive trailer and keyblade skin?
The most disappointing announcement of KH history. Thank you Amazon and thank you Square.

Edited by Master Keeper

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I'm not even angry at the lack of a trailer, considering I was surprised they even announced one after the Together trailer, but I'm disappointed how they handled the whole situation.

It was like they chose the worst method for damage control and it of course backfired.

Judging by the comment on the stream, they did not receive the trailer from SE as expected. Even if we assume miscommunication was the case, that does not excuse the fact that they waited until 5 minutes before the stream to post something. And that post was trying to be cute and funny while being vague and coy in the end. That continued on into the stream with no clear statements whatsoever and ended in an abridged version of the Together trailer hastily being shown on what appeared to be something akin to the Windows Media Player, as though they hoped to conceal their blunder by showing something which was put together last minute.

To be honest, even if the Together trailer was aired too early like some assume or another trailer wasn't delivered, they had a week to sort this out. It's not like SE showed that trailer 2 hours ago and all their plans were thrown overboard.

Then there was the issue that despite not even having a trailer at their disposal, they announced one after Friday's stream. It would have been much better to just say KH3 announcements will be coming instead like on the original picture. People would have probably been disappointed it's just the 7/11 Keyblade, but at least there wouldn't be such a mess now.

But even if they had stuck to the trailer announcement, they could have at least saved some face by posting the issues earlier today. Clearly and without resorting to vague Kingdom Hearts terminology. 

Now it seems like they're just blaming SE, even though they're also responsible for their actions toward hyping up something which isn't even in their possession. And not just once but several times. They could have clarified it much earlier, apologized and fans would have been disgruntled but not quite so hateful.

 I personally laughed about that really unprofessional setup. There's no need to be insulting either. It's okay to be upset and their behavior is proof of really bad preparation and marketing, but that doesn't mean people are allowed to act all out of line. Amazon will face the consequences one way or another and maybe learn something from that ordeal and perhaps SE will speak up soon, too. 

This stream wasn't prepared very well and one can question how people who are supposed to be professionals suddenly act like they didn't know and it definitely wasn't their fault. Maybe SE didn't deliver, but if that's the case, why not just say so? They are also to blame that it got blown way out of proportion by hyping it up again and again. Had they remained vague about the type of announcement, nothing would have happened.


Edited by Merilly

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