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Diamond Select Kingdom Hearts III Sora Bust available for pre-order on AmiAmi; releasing June 2019

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AmiAmi is now accepting pre-orders for Diamond Select Kingdom Hearts III Sora bust. The bust is set for 22,000 yen (about 190.00 USD), but AmiAmi is selling for 18,700 yen (about 160.00 USD). The bust will be available in June 2019. You can view it in our gallery below.

Special thanks to @RedMakuzawa for the tip!

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Diamond Select is at it again with his face... Is it really so hard to get it right?

I also think the price is a little steep for the quality. For a bust this size, they need to be extra careful with details and shading. This doesn't look worth paying that much money for.

It doesn't look utterly terrible but for a list price of roughly 200$+shipping for a 25cm bust (a part of which actually consisting of a plain stand), I personally expect more attention to detail. The material also looks fairly cheap and too glossy, though that might just be the lighting. And for a bust of this dimension, it would make sense to have his necklace be an actual one and not sculpted onto the figure and then painted.

I think it lacks plasticity, depth, shading and diversity in the use of paints. The paintjob looks inconsistent and the lines around his eyes a little rough, although it's a lot easier to be detailed with busts and also necessary. The hair also could use more brown hues to actually make it look like hair.

It's easy for me to pass up on this... I can overlook some static faces and inconsistencies in smaller figures because you need to get up close to see the face, but a bust would mean that the flaws would be glaring at me the entire time.

Faces are very important for figures, even more so for busts, and Sora constantly suffers from very mediocre to outright terrible quality. I actually saw a doodle with the comment that it's simply impossible to capture that much sunshine in a figure, which admittedly made me chuckle, but for 200$ this is non-negotiable in this case.

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