Tetsuya Nomura's statement regarding Kingdom Hearts III leak; epilogue and secret ending of the game to be released at a later date

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Thanks for informing us about this, xionskeyblade!

I find it a relieving thought that Nomura and his team know in full confidence about what happened with the illegally sold copies of the game, and I'm very happy that he knows that we as a community are taking the extra step to ensure that we aren't spoiled anything regarding the game now that it's so close to release! We've really banded together as a community, and it just goes to show the love this game has! I hope that Nomura, Disney and Square are able to take the appropriate measures against the d-bag who tried to ruin the game for us, ya know?

And it's a really smart move to have the Epilogue and Secret Movie relegated to DLC to avoid the risk of spoilers early on! Very smart, Nomura-san!

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