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Daybreak Town is... (potental spoilers, warning!)

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Well, I'll post everything as a spoiler because I don't want to ruin anyone's experience if they still haven't seen the new trailer.

I've had a little thought since the "Final" trailer we had two days ago...

Well, we still don't know how Kingdom Hearts Union X will connect to Kingdom Hearts 3.

But hey, where is that Scala ad Caelum coming from? We haven't ever heard of this city! Xehanort says it was important, a "seat of power" once in the past.

So maybe it still didn't exist back in the KHUX era... Well, what if what is to come in KHUX is exactly the foundation of that city?

What if the new 5 union leaders are the leaders of this new city too?

This might be the connection between KHUX and KH3. And it would leave a lot of space for both continuing Union Cross's story and for the future KH4 game, which could maybe feature the rebuilding of the cuty from the ruins!

What do you guys think about this little, crazy theory?

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