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More Kingdom Hearts III promotional videos to be released daily for the Japanese release countdown, starting from January 19

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Kingdom Hearts III is only 11 days away from releasing in Japan, and continuing the XIII Days to go countdown, Tetsuya Nomura announced today that promotional videos will be with the announcements starting on the 19th. These videos are made externally, so its assumed there will be 6 more videos. You can view the tweet he talks about these below.

Thanks to Goldplanner for her translations, you can view it below!

UPDATE [Jan 14, 2019]: Nomura also tweeted a reminder that the Kingdom Hearts Perfect Book is avaialble now and that the Memorial Collection will come with exclusive items designed by fashion brand BLACK HONEY CHILI COOKIE. You can check those out here. Nomura's tweet and GOLDPANNER's translation can be seen below.

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    I thought that these announcements videos would be from now on until the release date but they will be from the 19th it's okay though and yeah i agree every character in kh3 have expressions now ;)

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I think these pictures and quotes are purposely misleading, but I'll take a guess. I think it could be:

??? talking to Sora & Mickey
Mickey talking to Sora & Riku
Sora talking to Roxas & Ventus
Sora talking to Donald & Goofy
Sora talking to Maleficent & Pete (lol)

Also, lol at Nomura pushing that merchandise. Working for the Mouse House ain't easy, but it pays the bills!
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4 hours ago, cyntix said:

This is the first mickey picture of kh3 that looks like the mickey we used to know. Finally he's got expressions.

I though it was only me who saw this but yep he looks amazing here :).

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