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What is the most memorable boss fight?  

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  1. 1. What is the most memorable boss fight?

    • Ansem Kingdom Hearts 1
    • Xemnas Kingdom Hearts 2
    • Roxas
    • Lingering Will
    • Zodiac Aqua
    • Young Master Xehanort
    • Mysterious Figure
    • Unknown
    • Terranort
    • Marluxia
    • Xion
    • Something else? Comment below!

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As much as I love the Xemnas battles, Ansem's fight was memorable simply because.....well, back in the day when you die a lot, you deal with no skip button. So of course itnwas memorable because I was forced to remember it ROFL That being said, the boss deign is so unique and truly out of this world you forget it was a Disney game, despite Donald and Goofy being by your side during the fight. I remember learning the number of times he moves his spear, I even was incredibly intimated by the ship-monster thing he controls. I could go on and on with what my brain knows from that traumatizing time ROFL In the end, I was eventually victorious and earned to watch his defeat. 

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Memorable is a lot different than best or favorite.  For me, even though the World of Chaos from Kingdom Hearts 1 is my favorite boss fight in the entire series, the most memorable boss fight has to be the final boss fight against Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II.  Since Kingdom Hearts II was my first Kingdom Hearts game, the entire ending is really memorable to me, especially since this was the first time I was introduced to multiple phases for a final boss fight.  I kept thinking it was over, but it just kept going, and I had to start all over again if I lost.  It was so frustrating, but it felt so good when I defeated him and saw what I consider one of the happiest endings of all time.  Plus, that final attack that Xemnas does makes this fight impossible to not be memorable.

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While I did vote for Xemnas cause that entire fight was amazing, I would also say that Young Xehanort was memorable to me. I liked how difficult the fight was and how if you didn't defeat him in time, you were screwed and you'd have to start all over. I've encountered that when I was first fighting him and I remember being frustrated but determined to finish him. It scared me half to death when I got down to the hourglass thing at the end and finally defeated him before he refilled his health. It was a great finally finishing him XD

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I rember fighting Xemnas, thinking I had beaten him, putting my joystick aside and seeing everyone leaving except for Sora and Riku.
What a moment that was for me. Than the fight and stage changes. Another battle occurs. And finally against Xemnas, black and white room so epic. 

The fight continues in several stages. Cut-scene happens, switching to riku to get back to Sora. Suddenly feeling powered up. Getting to Sora. 
Fighting again. Another cut-scene, Xemnas enrages. SUPER EPIC DOME, button smashing. DUO battles lasers. My mind went wild. Then bam, it is finally over. Super long cut-scene and end credits. 

Within 24 H of game time. First play-through. Most difficult setting.
All this happens when I was way under leveled, so it must have taken hours. 

Giant grim on my face while I staring at the tv, wanting to experience this once again. 
Game saved. Loading it up again, going through my inventory, changes everything that had no use and was better. 


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