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What is Your Favorite KH Couple?

What Is Your Favorite KH Couple?  

105 members have voted

  1. 1. What Is Your Favorite KH Couple?

    • Sora and Kairi
    • Roxas and Namine
    • Aqua and Terra
    • Xion and Ventus
    • Namine and Ventus
    • Sora and Riku
    • Pete and Maleficent

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5 minutes ago, VocaloidLover13 said:

Hey, isn't it supposed to be Xion and Roxas? I was going to vote for that one lol


Hope no one crushes Kairi with Axel

I second that.


Oh hell yeah! Sora and Kairi for the win! :']

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Aww, no Roxas and Xion? No Ventus and Vanitas? No Zexion and Lexaeus? No Jiminy and the journal?

Well since none of my pairings made it I'll go for the only canon one, Sora and Kairi. But everyone must know the greatest untold love story that is Jiminy and the journal. He never let it out of his sight. That's true love.

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