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Kingdom Hearts III: CM 120 Trailer Analysis

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Welcome to KH13’s trailer analysis for the CM 120 Japanese trailer!

This trailer is two minutes exactly with a unique introduction and is faster paced than previous normal trailers, due to the quick cuts it has. Old and new footage is shown and giving us new bits of information regarding gameplay and story, especially Rage Form being shown and the epilogue of the trailer that shows us a brand new direct interaction of Sora and Xehanort.


Now, let’s dive in!


The trailer begins with a 29-second introduction with footage of the HD 2.5 ReMIX launch event. "Inside the Kingdom, with Heart” from 2014. It showed multiple groups of fans explaining their history with Kingdom Hearts and the emotional significance it had in their lives.

After that, a new cutscene is immediately shown afterward, showing Hercules riding Pegasus into Mount Olympus to meet up Sora who is next to a mini tower of sorts made up dried lava and ice, most likely created by the Lava and Ice Titans.



Hercules then flies to destroy chains that are placed upon the Greek gods, Apollo and Athena.   



Monstropolis footage is shown as the factory is being exploded.




The following sequence is from Toy Box and it shows Buzz Lightyear, with a strange facial expression, suddenly aiming his laser at Woody. Goofy suddenly jumps in front of Woody and blocks Buzz’s multiple laser shots. A quick cut then shows Sora and Donald looking back at the situation along with Young Xehanort. These scenes may imply that the story in Toy Box may evolve saving Buzz, as another trailer showed Buzz being enveloped and whisked away by darkness seen here.



San Fransokyo footage is shown with a Dinosaur Heartless attacking the city, with then Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Baymax running to a scene where chaos is happening.



At this point, mostly formally shown footage is used beginning with The Caribbean footage with Jack Sparrow commanding the ship while Sora is taking the helm. After that, the duel between Jack and Davy Jones is shown.



Arendelle footage of the beginning sequence of “Let it Go,” along with a scene of Elsa doing an icy blast in front of Anna.



Mickey is talking to Sora in The Mysterious Tower. They are both in their KH3 attire suggesting that the scene is past the introduction of the game.



Sora talking to Pooh in 100 Acre Woods



Remy and Sora in Twilight Town.



Rapunzel and Flynn Rider/Eugene on the lake with their lanterns.




Gameplay begins to be shown starting with Sora wall running in the Rock Titan fight.



Sora, Donald, and Goofy sledding in Arendelle collecting munny



Sora, Woody, and Buzz using the Rodeo Rocket attack against the Spaceship Heartless, then Ralph being summoned.



Sora using the Twin Yo-Yo’s in Monstropolis against while Heartless while Boo’s Laugh Power meter is in the upper left corner.



The Stitch limit being used to cause electrical attacks with triangles. It looks like they may be player created.



The cutscene portion of Rapunzel's limit attack in the Kingdom of Corona is shown.



Gameplay in The Caribbean is shown starting with Ariel’s Limit Summon cutscene, the Storm Flag Keyblade Transformation being used on the deck of the Black Pearl, Sora underwater launching a magic projectile against a big Heartless, and Sora controlling a flying Heartless and using it in combat.



A quick snippet of the Gummi Ship shooting asteroids.



Two clips of Arendelle gameplay, one showing Sora using Blizzard Blade against a group of Heartless and Sora atop of Marshmallow fighting a giant snow wolf Heartless.



The next sequence is brand new footage showing Rage Form in use against the previously seen dinosaur Heartless in San Fransokyo, Rage Form strongly looks and acts similarly to Anti Form in Kingdom Hearts II with the exception that now Sora is still wielding a Keyblade. Rage Form Sora will have to fight against the Heartless with armor as well. A situation command also appears on the tree on the right. It was not used in the trailer.



After that, the Evil Baymax battle is shown then the Heartless battle in the Golden Gate Bridge.



The end of the trailer is marked by events in the Keyblade Graveyard as shown in the Final Battle Trailer. Click here to see our analysis on that trailer.


After the Kingdom Hearts III logo appears, the trailer’s epilogue begins with Sora jumping to attack Xehanort but being blocked, assumingly after the events of the Final Battle Trailer as the sky is darkened and Sora challenging Xehanort on his own. Interesting to note that Xehanort is surrounded by identical copies of his Keyblade, No Name.



Sora exchanges a few words with Xehanort but then is thrown off by him. Xehanort gives the fallen Sora a smug look as Sora looks at him with angry tears down his face, that being the final shot of the trailer.



Overall, the trailer provided new brief new glimpses from both story and gameplay perspectives, with that being Buzz Lightyear’s heel turn/possible mind control, Rage Form being shown, and the confrontation in the epilogue, while mostly reusing previously shown footage. A nice trailer to reinforce that the number of days Kingdom Hearts III will release can be counted with two hands!


Thank you for reading the KH13 analysis of the CM 120 trailer!


You can watch the full trailer below.

Did you happen to see something we didn’t? Let us know in the comments below!  

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Oh my god is ....is Sora crying during the last shot with Xehanort?


Holy shit seems like Xehanort is going all out in wrecking poor Sora emotionally.


Color me interested cuz this and the last trailer actually made me interested in some aspects of the plot.....well only in Sora's character arc cuz this seems like it'll bring a huge change to Sora as a character

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