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Fates Chance XIII

It's Okay For This To Matter

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I've noticed something in the KH fandom, and as a result I've looked at myself and realised something too. Something I've been feeling and  ignoring for a long time. And I wanted to share it even if it's kinda sappy.

This fandom is nearly 20 yrs old now. Most of us who've been here since the begining or even as late as KH2 are becoming adults.

And somethings have changed because of that.

The artist community has grown so much, it's simply amazing! I occasionally see old art still floating around the internet from back when I was a kid and it amazes me how far the fanart has come! And that includes on youtube, theres aninatics like by CharlieCo and fanmade songs and remixes. A long way from those moviemaker AMV tributes from back in like 09 (which you should go back and watch if you want a trip XD)

Fanstories too! Fanfic in general has come a long way, and you can see people exploring a lot more complex themes.

So much has changed and so much has improved and I love it! 


I've found something else has changed. Where before it was unabashedly proud and unashamed I find a lot of people apologizing or feeling bad for their interest, for people loving this series as much as they do.

For it having helped them through hard times growing up or even now.

For reminding them of the seemingly simple lessons this series preaches.

For it giving them hope or them trying to emulate a character in their own lives.

And I've done that too. Felt stupid and guilty and childish for loving something like this. For getting hope from it in my dark hours rather than I dont know something more 'grown up'-whatever that means. For nerding out, or spending money to go to KH concerts and fan conventions. 

But, I love this series. I love it. And so many others do too and hear me internet KH fans!


It's okay for you to love this and be sappy about it and have it affect you.

To move you.

To give you HOPE.

To remind you that friends are worthwhile and can be true.

To find friends or community through it.

To remind you that darkness in you is okay so long as you dont let it consume you.

That even in your darkness no matter how thick there is light.

What does it matter if it's fictional?

What does it matter if it's a videogame?

It matters to you. 

Let it. 

Feel it, express it. With out guilt or shame.

Just because it's fiction, doesnt mean the way it makes you feel isnt real.

It's okay for this to matter.




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