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Countdown to Kingdom Hearts 3. II Days Left (Jiminy Cricket). Everyone needs a Jiminy!

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Morning everyone! Hope y'all doing excellent and having a great morning. Well today is another countdown and this time it's our conscience Jiminy Cricket! Now I know Jiminy is not one of the main characters and he's not feature in the KH3 Box art, but one of the reason why I included him was because I needed someone to fill in the two day spot. You see if there's anybody who was going to fill in the "one day left" spot it would of course be our boy Sora! I already finish Sora's picture but it would've been weird to put him in the two day left spot. So adding Jiminy Cricket was the best character for the job. The other reason why I included Jiminy was because I kinda miss him after Re:Coded. Jiminy play a more active role in Chain of Memories and in Re:Coded and I like the way he was acting as Sora's conscience in Chain of Memories. I honestly hope he acts like Sora's conscience again in Kingdom Hearts 3. But we'll find out in just two more days left!

Countdown to KH3 No.2 Jiminy.jpg

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1 hour ago, Dustin Lübbers said:

Great drawing 

Today i was greeted with several youtube videos that were Spoiler filled so no more youtube for me for a while


Man that sucks. A couple days ago a YouTube video spoil me with a thumbnail that I wish I never saw. So I deleted everything Kingdom Hearts related and decided to never use YouTube's home page until I finish KH3.

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7 hours ago, SweetYetSalty said:

Jiminy! One of the unsung heroes of Kingdom Hearts. I especially loved his card battle with Luxord in the KHII manga. I hope he plays a helping hand in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Lol I never knew he had a card battle with Luxord in the manga. I got to check it out.

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