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Mount Olympus was amazing

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The final boss was pretty awesome, I'll agree there.


However, I did find it frustrating when the wind titan launched me into the air and I had to complete the battle without touching the ground. Why? Because I couldn't use potions, and I had a ton of trouble dodging the stuff he kept throwing at me. So basically I won the battle by the skin of my teeth. 

That being said, however, it was a totally awesome boss battle! So epic.

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25 minutes ago, Dustin Lübbers said:

The moment you ash those rocks and see the stairways i could not keep my mouth closed

There is a summon later in the game with draws dropping  fire effects

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Olympus was much more enjoyable as a full plot based world rather than for the most part an optional extracurricular. 
The inclusion of Thebes and Mount Olympus itself added substance and the titan boss battles were, the sheer scale of them was awesome. 

I just have a few minor critiques:


1. The introduction to Hades' foretold plot felt a bit rushed and abrupt. A short flashback cut scene showing the fates revealing at least a cheat sheet version of the prediction to Hades would have helped that a bit. 

2. I felt the solo half of the final titan battle, the tornado titan was largely the same idea as the Genie Jafar boss battle in KH2. Granted I am unsure how it could have been more original. On a positive note, I did like how it blew residue from the ice and lava titans at you. 

3. I'd expected Zeus to have more of an original role rather than just two brief moments that were taken from the film. 

4. It's disappointing that there was no Cyclops. 

5. It's irrelevant but I can't help but be a bit disappointed by the omission of the "Uh guys, Olympus would be that way" scene. I just love that scene!


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