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Submit your review of Kingdom Hearts III!

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Kingdom Hearts III has recently released in Japan and worldwide now, the highly anticipated game is still needing one final touch; the Kingdom Hearts community’s thoughts and opinions on Kingdom Hearts III.

You can now submit your very own review of Kingdom Hearts III for a chance to have it featured on KH13's front page as part of KH13's compilation of community reviews!

To enter a Kingdom Hearts III review, guidelines are in effect after the release and must be met regarding the Kingdom Hearts III spoiler policy. You must:

  • Keep your reviews based on Kingdom Hearts content released officially from Square Enix and other official outlets.
  • No inappropriate language
  • Reviews must be reasonable and written with common sense
  • Any review that contains story spoilers will NOT be accepted.

In your review the length must be short; a paragraph (3-4 lines) is the maximum length allowed, accompanied by a rating out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best). The rating should be decided after considering the game's:

  • story
  • gameplay
  • level design
  • character designs, including allies and enemies
  • music
  • replayability and post-game content
  • creativity

Make sure you take everything into consideration including the spoiler policy before submitting your review.

To submit your review just sign in or sign up to KH13.com and reply to this article.

We look forward to seeing your reviews!

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Rating 8.5:  This is the first RPG game I have ever played. I only played because my son said it was Disney based and I love Disney. The game graphics are very detailed and vivid. The story line is fun and I love the anime feel to it. I wish I had more back story of I and II as that would help me understand current plot line. As a beginner the tutorials we very helpful. The music and dialogue are a great mix of the Disney and Japanese cultures.  

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Rating: 9

Kingdom Hearts III is the first installment in the series to feature a broaden cast of characters in new outstanding graphics like it has never been seen before. The worlds felt unique and alive in their own way, with little pieces for each that made the moments special. As the culmination of the Xehanort Saga the game's story is surprisingly funnier than past entries and it brings moment of all kinds as joy, sadness, relieve, grief, etc. While being a great game it does have it's down points, mostly focusing on some story aspects where some characters didn't live up to expectations and some battles might have been handled better, nonetheless the experience is a worthy one.

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To sum up Kingdom Hearts III in such a short space would be to do it a disservice, but I'll try anyway.


The first game in the series to not be using PS2 level hardware, KH3 is certainly one of the most visually pleasing games you'll see full stop. The gameplay, while lacking in difficulty, is the flashiest its ever been, and includes so many options that we have never had before. The worlds, characters, music and presentation is of an astounding nature and stays true to the source material so well that it feels like you're in the movies. However, it doesn't live up to expectations for the story; in trying to tie up the narrative in a straightforward way and spending much of the game explaining plot points that hardcore fans already knew about, Kingdom Hearts III fails to deliver on its most important promise - that of resolution.

Rating: 7.5/10

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I'm not sure why, but something about the core gameplay is just extremely boring to me. I've never had this issue with any other kingdom hearts game and i'm not sure why. Playing the game always feels like a chore. I have more fun with gummi missions then normal combat. Maybe it's floatiness, easiness, or the situation commands, i just don't know. Even my first playthrough i was getting bored by toy box. Everytime i play the game it just makes me want to play kh1 and 2 again. Anyone else have this issue?

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As the conclusion of the Xehanort Saga, Kingdom Hearts 3 delivers an incredibly well crafted and enjoyable experience. The gameplay is a culmination of systems from the previous entries and feels fast, exciting and varied, although not without issues. World design is the peak of the series, particularly in Disney worlds. The story, while containing vibrant characters and excellent dialogue, is paced poorly and can be frustrating. Music consists of mostly call-backs, but the few new tracks are wonderful. Side content is varied, but combat-based side activities are lacking. 


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