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Kingdom Hearts III Update 1.03 comprising Secret Movie is now available for download

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The Kingdom Hearts III's Update 1.03  comprising the "secret movie" is now available for download on the PlayStation and Xbox stores!

Kingdom Hearts III is following the footsteps of a number of past games in that players can unlock a secret ending after satisfying certain conditions depending on the difficulty level they have chosen. For Kingdom Hearts III, one must capture a certain number of photos of the Mickey Mouse lucky emblems that can be found around the worlds. For beginner difficulty, they must capture all of them; this is less in standard mode, and even less in proud mode.

What kind of secret ending does director Tetsuya Nomura have in store for us? Will it foreshadow the events in the next game in the series? You can discuss in our Kingdom Hearts III forum!

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Ummm, OK. 🤨 It's kinda funny though I give it that but what?



People think this means more Final Fantasy worlds and no Disney worlds in the next game which is kinda funny to me cause 1. secret endings barely have anything to do with Disney unless it's just a shot of Mickey and 2. Just never going to happen. It would be pretty sweet to have a Final Fantasy inspired world though, especally with how they have been treated in KH3, but I feel it would be pretty hard. Personally I feel the secret ending is foreshadowing either another non-main title game or it's just Versus XIII but different.


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