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What was your favorite world in KH3 and why

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So far in the game I’m only up to The Caribbean, but my fav world is a tie between The Caribbean, Arendelle and Kingdom of Corona. I love the vastness of each of them and the sound track playing in the background of each makes it that much more fun and I end up wanting to stay forever. The activities and really the beauty of the land make them my fav. I don’t have a definite fav, but they’re all so much fun

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For me it was kinda a toss up between Arendelle, Corona and The Caribbean. I LOVED the gameplay in the Caribbean, made me feel like I was doing a mini-sized AC IV: Black Flag playthrough again. But the theme music, the characters, the worlds themselves of Corona and Arendelle just made me SO incredibly happy.

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After I finished the game I have to say

World - Keyblade Grave yard / Scads ad Caelum

This is by far my favorite part. So much emotion and I just want to hug my half pint friends

Favorite Disney world -

Toy Box

It always was going to be. This world is gorgeous

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