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(SPOILERS) Everything Wrong With KH3 imo

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So I just finished kingdom hearts 3 and honestly, I kind of feel let down.  The game play is fine and all but the story...just wow do I have things to say about this.

Let me start off with a few things. First I wanna talk about Demyx and Even.  So we find out that Demyx and Even/Vexen are back in the organization.  Then we see that Even is trying to get demyx to help in conspire against it.  So Demyx gets a replica from Even....then we never see them again. Like what the crap.  THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SEEKERS.  Demyx is just gone, you don't see him again AT ALL after that, and we see Even again working on namine in the ending.  Xehenort not gonna have a problem with this? Another big issue that I have is that this game does not give org members 9-12 justice.  Like their whole purpose in the game is to just show up, say something, maybe perform a little magic...then disappear. That's it.  You know how much interesting interface between Marluxia, Larxene, and Sora we could have gotten? Nope.  I did like however that they gave Luxord a little more love this time around cuz in kh2 he was kinda absent.

Another thing is the return of some characters.  Ima start off with Marluxia and Larxene and you'll see where I'm going with this.  Out of any of the organization members, WHY them? Marluxia and Larxene ponder this for like 15 seconds in some dialogue then totally shift to something else.  They don't elaborate why they are back.  They're just back...to be back.  Ima tell you how this should have gone down. Remember when xigbar says that xehenort promised him the keyblade, well screw that for reasons and say that xehenort promised marluxia the keyblade. That would have made SO MUCH more sense.  Marluxia desperately wanted the keyblade for himself, and if xehenort promised it, that would give him incentive to stay.  Larxene, based on her words before fading, I suspect that she was only back because she wanted to be with Marluxia.  If this Xehenort - Marluxia thing happened, it would been better.

Next is Ven..ish...you'll see. Vanitas just shows up...by some random means.  I think Marluxia shoulda been the one to show up due to his connection to castle oblivion.  He coulda said something like "what was that riddle again, here in this castle to find is to lose and to lose is to find? Well it seems that the time to find is upon you." then say something like "so this was the room that xemnas so eagerly wanted us to find."  The means through which Ven comes back is acceptable I think.


Now are my two biggest gripes.  Xion and roxas.  First of all, HOW IS XION BACK? She is a replica based on the memories of Sora.  But when she died, she gave up any knowledge of her existence.  Well apparently that doesn't matter anymore, which makes her death so unimportant now.  She literally just shows up. HOW? Time travel, that would SERIOUSLY complicate things.  Also, Lea remembers her like 5 seconds after she reveals herself. NO ONE IS SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER HER. Namine said that there "wouldn't be any you to remember."  Roxas comes out randomly after seeing xion and lea in trouble, which makes sense I guess.  The only thing is that it makes all of the stuff pertaining to roxas earlier about "getting him a replica body" so irrelevant and time wasting.  (a little side note here, but shouldn't roxas lose the ability to duel wield since ven isn't in sora anymore at that point)?

Here is how I think they shoulda been revived.  I also stated this in my theory a few posts back but whatevs.  That scene with xemnas and ansem and the "set your heart free" thing to get roxas back? Well lets push that later into the game, and sora actually does it to get roxas back.  That explains Roxas being back, and xion could also come back too.  Xion is in sora after Days, so she could have accidentally came out of Sora as well, and everyone be like "who dis?"


Then here we have the secret ending, or what I THINK is the secret ending, with Braig being Luxu. Why...just why? Why make the whole big deal of xehenort giving him the keyblade later when he LITERALLY HAD ONE IN UX.  It makes sense for members 9-12 cuz they don't remember, but Braig clearly does. Why nomura..WHY


Then there's the overall game plot.  Kingdom hearts 2 really nails this but kh3 falls flat on its face.  You have your main disney worlds that you go through, and you get like tiny grains of salt of the real kh plot.  Like the whole new 7 hearts (yeah thats a load of bull, its referenced like 3 times and never again). But then, after you get the last disney world done. It's like rapid fire kh story.  Like you don't catch a break, all this stuff that's core kh is flying at you and you get stuff that's covered in 5 minutes that should be covered throughout the whole game.  I liked kh2 where you have the worlds, then you have a halfway climax in hollow bastion, then you see what the real deal is with org13 by fighting some of them in the worlds, and THEN you have your climax in the end.  Kh3 doesn't do this.  But hey, neither did kh1, but kh1 managed to be able to not have all this stuff fly at you as fast as kh3 did.


That's my shpeal.  If you don't like my thoughts, ok then, you do you.  Gameplay wise I think this game is great. Storywise...not the best installment.


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On 1/10/2019 at 9:34 AM, corpiman said:


I don't know it wouldn't make much sense, first because we see her interact with other characters, there's moments with just herself and he was introduced way before Lauriam, I truly believe that she when into the simulation and the Lauriam went after her, maybe wanting to make sure no harm comes to her (and obviously failed) and with the other Leaders, we still lack a lot on info to make an informed guess about them (I'm sure there's people that believe that Brain is a Xehanort because he is the "Brain" of the bad guys, or something like that) 

Yeah I've heard about the theory on Kairi's grandma, but I think its more of a joke, her grandma was pretty much created just to narrate the story she is a pretty generic old lady, I believe the era of fairy tales, aka Chi and the setting of UX took place longer than 100 years ago, maybe not 1000 but long enough for official records on that time to not exist anymore, only in the way of, well... fairy tales which could very much distort the truth each time they are told

But again, my claim is that while the setting inside UX is of the distant past, UX itself was created fairly recently, no more than a couple decades. 

Regarding your last point, I don't think Xehanort would mess with the simulation after banishing Ansem, he was busy trying to get to Kingdom Hearts since by them he had become a heartless, but I do think there's a possiblity that Ansem the Wise's banishment was what allowed Maleficent to escape that digital realm and return in time for KH2




I agree.   I hope the DLC at least fixes these complaints.   And why the heck is Braig Luxu?   I also heard some things about the secret ending and Sora dying and going to Shibuya.  I am confused as to how the afterlife in KH works since supposedly nobody dies.  I did hear that none of the past KH Disney bosses Sora faced and died will appear in Shibuya because that would not make sense. And some things were just tossed out there like Aeleus being mad at Roxas when the guy did not even cause his Nobody's death.

There was also the limited exploration of the worlds like some parts of Twilight Town being regulated to just a few spots like the town, the sewers, and the forest with only the front yard of Twilight Town accessible.

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I agree with your comments. The best part of this game is the gameplay, the story is told in such a weird pacing... Literally nothing happens before you finish all disney worlds. All of those cliffhangers also bothered me very much!!! This seemed like a movie in which everything is fixed by the last 30 minutes.

Kh2fm is still my favorite game up to this date. I really hope they add more bosses via dlc...

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My biggest issues with Kingdom Hearts III was with the story too, but for different reasons.


The beginning of the game made it seem like you were being dropped right into the middle of a story.  Everyone is already on their missions or is just being sent on them.  I would have liked it if there was some more context given.

I also felt like they didn't give a good explanation as to why we are visiting the worlds that we are visiting.  Since Sora needs to open gates himself now, how is he opening the gates to these worlds?  I assume that his heart is guiding him, but if that's the reason, they didn't make it very clear.

Finally, I didn't like all the setting up for the next saga that was being done.  I wouldn't have minded a little bit of set up for the future, but by the end of the game, it felt like there was more to this saga, even though this saga was now over.

I have seen some other people upset over how little time many of the characters were given, but this personally didn't bother me as much.  I thought that most of them were given enough time to wrap up their stories and that the time they were given was well done for the most part.  Plus, since this game had to wrap up so much, I think it is to be expected that many of the characters wouldn't be given as much time as they were given in previous games.

One last thing, I was going to start my own topic on this, but I think I will post it here instead (I may still start my own topic on it later).  The ending to this game is extremely painful for me.  I was wanting and expecting a happy ending, and while we got a happy ending for most of the characters, we did not get one for Sora and Kairi.  I have been put more or less at ease with my pain because they were definitely building up to this moment with all of the cryptic hints from the seekers of darkness that Sora was doomed.  In addition, Sora and Kairi did finally share that Paupu fruit, which means that they will remain a part of each other's lives no matter what.  So, even if they are apart from each other right now, it will not be a permanent thing.  And I'm sure I will feel even better about it once the next game comes out and we find out Sora's fate, but until then, I will be left wondering, and that's the hard part.


With all of this being said, I did really enjoy the game.  As of right now, I would say that it is my personal favorite game in the series, despite its flaws.  I will go more in depth on my thoughts on the game in a review that I will post once I explore everything that the game has to offer.

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I agree i enjoyed the gameplay and etc 

But the story for me was disaster first we see that the game is focused on disney like 90% and he rushed the game in the end 

First i wanna talk about the end of the world that was so bullshit everyone die and then sora save everyone and then wtf is like nothing happen it's just waste of time and we see lingerill of will come in in like wtf why he didn't come in the first time and lingerill of will vs terranorth alot of ppl was waiting for that fight but nomura did that in 10 seconde and bam where's lingerill of will we don't know roxas come from no where aqua so weak we can understand 

Why she lost the keyblade terra was the guardian and alot of thing 

0 kh world 

0 ff charchter 

We waited for a damn good time to play disney game xD



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