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Secret Ending - Thoughts? [SPOILERS]

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Hello everyone! I just finished the game yesterday, and after viewing the ending/epilogue as well as the secret ending, I have many thoughts and even MORE questions!

I just wanted to create a space for everyone to throw around ideas for discussion in regards to the secret ending. Of course, doing so creates spoilers, so be aware!

Anyways, what did everyone think? What are YOUR thoughts and questions?

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On the Epilogue:


This opens the future of the series up to so many possibilities. We've got the chance to learn more about the Lost Masters, about Luxu, the Master of Masters, how Maleficent is going to play into things, etc. The Black Box like has something to do with MoM's return, Ava missing I THINK has to do with the mysterious girl that was found and experimented on and found to be not only from a different world, but a different TIME, and there is so much that could be added into this game just from the reveal there alone. I would love for a KHUχ related branch in the future and I can fully see it being a possibility. While I know it would never happen, I would love to have a character you can create that can go through a story themselves and not for it to just always focus primarily on Sora or even play through with your choice of Keyblade wielder like in BBS, but all the same story instead of three paths essentially. Sora being the main character may be changing depending on how he fares with his disappearance though (you just know he's going to come back).

The secret movie:


I kinda think it was a potential hint at one, or TWO possible new worlds. Obviously there was Yozora in it, which I think we could possibly get a new world featuring him in some regard, or that he might be the key to getting Sora back, or... The World Ends with You world again. I say this due to its focus on the 104 Building and the Scramble Crossing. Two VERY HEAVILY used areas in TWEWY. While I would love to see more of Neku, Shiki and the gang, I'm fairly sure at this point it was teasing potential story additions for later, and not so much a new game this time around.


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When I first heard Xigbars voice and he put his hood down my mouth hit the floor!! There always seemed to be something fishy about Xigbar, and I love how this changes certain scenes in the past! And it raises so many questions about Xigbars relationship with Roxas and Ventus. Because now when I look at Braig teasing Ven in the Keyblade Graveyard I know see Luxu who by all rights KNOW EXACTLY WHO HE IS! Though I honestly really liked his 'Death' scene and found it kinda dark and a fitting end for him so that was lessened by his return. 

I dont like how they dont explain how the lost masters came back...are they time traveling? Did they die in the war and Luxu somehow brought them back to life?? It's not explained at all and it was really distracting.

The boxes contents remained elusive as ever and jesus h christ I was hoping for more hints.

I really liked Eraqus and Xehanorts bit with the 'new game'. Though I kept thinking everytime they were on screen 'What the heck kinda game is this?!'

Also the 7th symbol, the heart with wings, I noticed was on a chalk board in Yen Sids tower, which just made my head spin woth what that could mean.

Overall, very good, if a little vague and frustrating on the detail but hey, it's supposed to make us want more so I'm cool with that.


The secret ending:


I was so hyped when I saw Shibuya and my mind just went back to that art piece Nomura made of TWEWY gang with Sora, and how he said they wouldn't be appearing in KH3 aND HOW IT NOW ALL MAKES SENSE BECAUSE WE DIDNT SEE THE CHARACTERS BUT THIS NOW HINTS AT THAT WORLD PLAYING A ROLE IN FUTURE GAMES AND *SCREAMS*!!

The whole Verum Rex thing was odd but I cant wait to see what's gonna come of it. It also faned my hopes of us going into other video game worlds like Wreck it Ralph, and maybe even visiting Tron again! Or maybe even finally getting to go to some final fantasy worlds. But the impications of video games and data containing hearts in the KH3 story really makes me wonder if that is gonna be a plot point or something they explore in the next coming games.

It doesnt quite hold a candle to the hype and speculation and set up created by the likes of Another Side Another Story, or The Gathering but for what it was it was really good. Cant wait to see everyones theories and thoughts for what it all means.

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On the Epilogue:   


Obviously, we can count out the idea of Kingdom Hearts IV coming anytime soon. But I DO believe we will have a complementary game in-between, like CoM-BbS-Coded and others were. If Sora is lost, I think we will have ALL the others working together to bring him back. He saved them all, now it's their turn to return him the favor. Also, I do believe the Data-Sora could play a role in bringing the real Sora back. I mean, if they transfer Data-Sora's essence inside a Replica, he could live in the real world. Interesting, huh?  

I'm not familiar with TWEWY, but I guess its appearance is quite possible. About the guy named "Yozora", well, I'm not sure what to think. The closest thing I can imagine is that Riku is inside the world of the videogame; and that could mean one thing: Wreck-It Ralph's world. Maybe Riku is visiting the world inside this videogame.

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on the epilogue:



xigbar being my fav OrgXIII member to have him being Luxu in reality was a blast,

how were the Lost Masters brought back remains to be explained and that box is still a secret that's yet to be cracked but hey, it will eventually,



on the secret ending:



found it rather interesting, for many reasons, one being i always really liked TWEWY and having it take a more predominant role in KH is something i will very much enjoy in the future. I somehow recall Nomura saying this IP was something he really wished he could do more with, so that along with sort of bringing back his other baby v13 in the form of Verum Rex, it should be interesting to say the least

on the meaning of it i was thinking about what YX had been saying to Sora all along, how his time in THIS world was most likely other and that there was a price to pay...

in the end Sora did disappeared and somehow made its way in TWEWY's shibuya.

now MoM is another one that for unknown reasons vanished as well and it's been assumed it was his plans all along, an i would say to an extent i believe so myself.


But what if he was aware of his own time in the world to be due as well, knowing he would vanish and be brought to this other dimension as well, which would explain him being in TWEWY's world as well, as i do firmly believe the black coated character from the secret ending to be him.

Sora appearing here is due to him overusing the power of waking or so it seems, so maybe that's something the MoM did as well, hence him being there too.

as for riku he would probably be here after using the power of waking to follow Sora and find him.

and as for Yozora that's something i can't really explain with what's known so far, although Verum Rex does take place in Shibuya as well, so that would be an hint at the kind of dimension they're trapped in, with the state of Toy Box's world.


problem being that MoM vanished before the Keyblade war so the TWEWY's world was still in the realm of light, before being cast away in darkness.

then again it isn't said that shibuya is one of the sleeping worlds either, so maybe it's in an other dimension altogether as well...


well, food for thoughts,



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