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Fates Chance XIII

"Has-been" and "Also-ran" XD Minor KH3 spoilers

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Very minor spoilers

Did anyone else kinda cringe laugh at the bad puns of nicknames they were trying to use in KH3??

I actually thought Sora calling the Nobodies 'Has-beens' was kinda mean because it's rubbing it in that they used to be sobodies and lost their hearts. I wonder what the Japanese version of that was XD

And then Xemnas trying to make a pun calling Axel an 'Also-ran' which makes me think the only possible explanation is Marluxia told him about Sora name calling and Xemnas spent the rest of the freaking game trying to think of a good come back and this was the best he could come up with!!!


Again, would really love to know what that was in the Japanese version.

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12 minutes ago, JTD95 said:
  SPOILERS: Click to reveal

What even is an 'Also-ran'? I was just majorly confused.




I had to look it up myself because I was also confused. Essentially Xemnas was calling Axel a loser. Also-rans are people that also participated in a contest or race or something comparative and finished last by a significant margin. It's used as an insult to tell insinuate that people are such big losers they didn't matter in the slightest.


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At first I thought also ran was like some reference to a name of a character from the past or something  lol because of the way Xemnas said it... 

But no it's just an insult. Like a guy who also ran in a race, he was just there, didn't really have any significance, just showed up and participated. 

Which is actually an actuate description of Lea's and indeed most of the 7 lights roles in the finale of this game. Ah well. 

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