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Fates Chance XIII

A Young Xehanort Theory To Explain Everything

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This theory has a few parts and a few questions as well but I wanted to hear your take on it. And there will be some KH3 spoilers in here, I'll use tags but even if you dont read them, you should still be able to get the idea.

I hesitate to call this a theory though because I dont know what it all means but Ive noticed some interesting things about Young Master Xehanort (YMX). I'll try to explain this best I can.

So YMX lived on the Destiny Islands until meeting a time traveling AnesmSoD and being given the power to time travel. He went back, and did many things including:

Fighting as the Unknown in the Land of Departure without a keyblade. This fight resulted in you getting a No Name keyblade which is not the MoMs No Name (though with knowing that names significance does create more questions) which is a slightly altered version of YMX 3Ds Keyblade. 

Then going forward to do other tasks such as rounding up vessels for his future self and playing his role in 3Ds. 

He then returns to his original time with no memories of his time travels, but it all etched upon his heart and thus seeks to see the outside world and finds his way to becoming an keyblade apprentice with Eraqus.

However, what color are Xehanorts eyes on Destiny Islands when he chooses to leave?

I know that is a random question after explaining all that but seriously, we know from KH3 that YMX has grey eyes, yet when the scene plays where he says on that beach,

"This world is just too small", we see his eyes are yellow, just like when he was time traveling both in 3Ds, and KH3. Yet by the time he is with Eraqus, they are back to being grey. This is very odd and suspicious.

What's odder though is this:

How did he get off world after this? And, how did he get a keyblade in the first place to use against us in 3Ds? Because to get one you need someone to perform the bequeathing on you and so long as you have the makings, you'll be able to summon one. 

And finally, notice that YMX keyblade in 3Ds noticeably has features from MoM No Name, where the keyblade you recieve after defeating the Unknown in BBS (which I am going to go out on a limb and say this is in fact Xehanorts actual Keyblade) doesnt.

Minor weapon KH3 spoilers


And then in KH3 it takes some careful pausing to see but, YMX is again weilding his 3Ds keyblade with the rams head and eye and other changes to it.


(Sry, couldnt get the spoiler tag to work with out including everything below even with the end spoiler tag)

So then, what could this all mean?

Why does YMX have the yellow eyes of his older self at all while time traveling and when he decides to leave?
And why does YMX only have those yellow eyes when he's time traveling as though he were any other Nort vessel, and his Keyblade changes form while he is working along side his older self, what could this all mean?

And then, why do they change back when he is finally at the place that will send him on his fated path?

I see connections here, I see maybe clues to something especially after so much emphasis has been given to his eye color now, that I can only really make guesses.

YMX says in 3Ds while talking to Sora about meeting ASoD on the islands that he did not know he was speaking to his future self. And that he gave him the ability to time travel....but what if that wasnt all he gave him?

When YMX returned from his time traveling in 3Ds to that moment I dont think much actual real time passed. We know time still passes in the present when you're time traveling because time passed while Sora and Riku were in their test.
And YMX was approached in his memory when the sun was up and then when he returned and said that line it was dusk.

What if ASoD was still there waiting for him and YMXs experiences having been etched in his heart compelled him to trust the hooded figure and allowed him to help him get off the island and sent him to the land of departure. 

Belonging to the dark ASoD would have the power to create dark corridors and having been to LoD, he would beable to open a gate there.

Or, alternatively, what if ASoD possed his former self when he met him? What if when they first met, young Xehanort did not trust him, and ASoD had to possess him and through that went back in time?

That could explain several things though make a paradox in the process.

1: Why YMX was able to weild a keyblade and why that keyblade had features of MoMs No Name. ASoD could weild No Name when he had a body.
And if his heart was possesing YMX the keyblade may have been affected by this and this may also explain why when you receive the keychain for that keyblade from the Unknown, it looks like what it's base form would be. Because you as T,A or V are not possessed and thus when calling on your keyblade whose form and abilities are being changed by the influence of the keychain it retains it's base form.
This does create a pardox though that YMX could weild a keyblade because his future self gave him the ability who only then wouldve got the abily because he met his future self. But we know paradoxes can exist in this world because the MoM tells Luxu he doesnt want him creating any. The result of this paradox just being that Xehanort gets a keyblade.

2-Young Xehanorts radical personality change from when he is time traveling compared to when he is not. We get to see more of YMX in KH3 and as a grey eyed boy he seems completely different from his yellow eyed self.
He's jovial, sarcastic, childish, a good friend. Even his voice is different in tone and pitch and manner of speaking.
It's VERY jarring and I wonder if it's meant to be...

3- Why young Xehanort has yellow eyes while time traveling. And we know that being possessed by the heart if someone with the yellow eyes can turn your eyes yellow
And in that vein, then once YMX who is possessed by ASoD and is returned to his own time he either:

1- Continues to possess him and takes him off the island through a dark corridor- which would allow his younger self safe travel through such a means of travel- to the LoD, drops him off, YMX retains the memory of wanting to leave because of all the time travel affecting his heart and that he left but isnt sure how.

2- Passes on enough control to let Xehanort make the choice to leave thus leaving him with the yellow eyes in that scene, and gives him the power to make that jump off the island. And once that power is used up, the yellow eyes return to normal

3- He leaves him with the power to travel across worlds and the etched memories in his heart of how to do so and YMX figures it out somehow and doesnt get consumed by the darkness even though he is a human going through dark corridors and it has been stated that is very dangerous. And once that power is used his eyes go back to normal.
Or 4: The possessed YMX makes that decision to leave while still possessed after coming back from time traveling, ASoD leaves his body, YMX eyes go back to normal, ASoD offers YMX the chance to leave, YMX accepts because of all the etched memories, and  ASoD takes him to the LoD.
This is just a guess but it would explain everything, the keyblade transformation only when he's time traveling for his older Master Xehanort self, the yellow eyes at a time he shouldn't be having them yet, the power to leave the island, the Minor KH3 spoiler above it would line up.

It would make sense. 

This is just a theory I thought of when I lined the suspicious or odd but seemingly connected pieces up. I could be way off and it doesnt even explain why Xehanort had these yellow eyes to begin with.

But if as we have been told that those yellow eyes symbolize a connection to Xehanort, and YMX had grey eyes, it would make sense that he may have possessed his younger self while time traveling.

It would also explain why this seemingly untrained person had such power and mastery and fighting capability with the keyblade after coming from a time where Xehanort hadnt even trained yet.

I know that was long, and thanks if you read it all :)

I hope I explained this idea i had well, my head was kinda spinning trying to figure out how to word this properly and keep the theory straight! 
what do you think?

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What I understood from the end of the game is that Luxu possessed Xehanort who in turn possessed Xigbar. Now, why did Luxu chose to remain in Xigbar instead of all the other vessels? Beats me :P

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4 hours ago, mlope921 said:

What I understood from the end of the game is that Luxu possessed Xehanort who in turn possessed Xigbar. Now, why did Luxu chose to remain in Xigbar instead of all the other vessels? Beats me :P

i think its meant to be that xigbar was luxu the whole time, there no mention of him being xehanort

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It's really sad seeing the community desperately looking for clues to tie this mess together. I'm not criticising your theory, it's actually really solid. It's just that It really sucks that we can't have a properly streamlined story and everyone has to interpret shit in their own way to make sense of it all. The story has always been pretty complicated and there was always a healthy amount of theories. But in the past there were actual clues and hints to inspire them. And even if we couldn't come up with good theories we were still satisfied with what we had cause the story, the main story was good. A lot to keep track of? Sure but not like it is now. Things in the story just kinda happen now and nomura doesn't even try to explain his retcons. It used to be fun making up theories. Now it's just the community being frustrated with the unexplainable, God awful storytelling trying to get some closure.

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