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Yuri Andrade

I've just platinum'd, and I have a lot of feelings about this game

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Really good and fair review! I must say I agree on most of the things you mentioned. The weird pacing was the main thing that bothered me, next being the lack of difficulty. I picked Standard just in case it would be difficult (since I didn't have time to get stuck) and that made the game truly a cakewalk. I didn't even try at some points and the game just wouldn't let me die. Can't believe this, but I was actually angry at Donald for healing me. This is just a pet peeve of mine, but it annoys me when games let me get away with not putting in any effort (there's an easy mode for a reason, standard should be at least mildly challenging in my opinion).

The combat was still VERY fun and pretty smooth, so I'm not that mad. Even though it was too easy, I still had fun.


Personally I wasn't too bothered with Kairi though, I kinda liked her even, which seems to be an unpopular opinion. She did feel a bit oit of character to me, though. Might be a VA thing, but Kairi always seemed way more lively to me. I enjoyed her interactions with Lea, though. I was never a huge Kairi fan though, and I had low expectations going in.

The second thing I disagree is the secret ending, but I feel like the ones who are mainly hyped up about it are either those who really wanted Versus XIII OR who are TWEWY fans (me). I guess this is something that flies over your head if you're not familiar with TWEWY, but if Sora indeed is in TWEWY's Shibuya, that raises some interesting possibilities for the next game (or DLC) that might tie in with the ending quite well.


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Good review I feel like this is my favorite game in the series overall. I agree the game was a little easy until I got to the final boss it took me a few tries. One thing I which could improve in the game is the Gummi ship I feel like its kind of a pain to control. But also I never really cared for the gummi missions in the series lol. Story is prolly my 3rd favorite in the series, I actually like the fact

That Luxu is Xigbar I always felt that Xigbar/Braig was always sketchy you see it in BBS and it makes me think back to Back Cover/Union X when MoM was telling Luxu your job is watch and help make sure the prophecy happens. I always had a feeling that Xehanort was just a tool. With Xigbar Personality he is the perfect one to be revealed as Luxu!


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