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So if I were to rate kingdom hearts 3 in a scale of 1-10, I’d have to give it a solid 9. Here’s what I would improve on.

 The pacing of kingdom hearts 3 does hurt it more than it helps and it could’ve been better. One thing I would’ve have changed was added some training ign segments throughout the earlier portions of the game; so from the beginning til you beat the final disney world. For example the cutscene when we see Lea and Kairi for the first time and Kairi mentions that they would be facing each other the next day. How cool would it have been if we could have actually played in that training segment and been able to have picked between using Kairi or Lea. I feel like that would have gone a long way to make them feel more part of the story and not as useless, cause we only see them twice before the Keyblade Graveyard and then once there they get bodied. Also if we would’ve saved Aqua and Ven earlier on in the game I feel like the emotional aspect of them being reunited would’ve been stronger. Yes I do realize it’s because we needed the power of waking but still could’ve had Ven training with Kairi and Lea. Could’ve also fought some of the bosses at the end when they appeared in the world. Just have them be tougher during the end portion there or if we were able to fight them in the world they appeared have it cut off at a certain point not even finishing them all the way as if they were testing us. I think that would’ve helped some. Gives us more to do. 

I would have definitely liked it to have been more challenging because tbh until we fought Ansem, Young Xehanort and Xemnas (amazing fight btw) I didn’t really struggle with the game what so ever. KH2 did this nicely where certain bosses had patterns to watch and learn and once you learned those then it was easier. Lastly, I would’ve liked to see how the 13 darknesses assembled their members cause some people just appeared out of nowhere for example how the heck did they get Xion back? I think lots of us would have really liked to see that one. Last I recall she died and no one was supposed to remember her. I would’ve loved to see how they did that. 

Now for the main thing I wanted to improve. It wasn’t bad, but this is how it could’ve been better and I feel it would’ve solved certain characters’ uselessness. As we all know Kairi was a disappointment. She didn’t do anything during the final battle. She got captured and died. Didn’t even damsel in distress the right way. So here’s what I would have done. I would’ve taken advantage of the fact that we are allowing more party members this time around, so during the swarm of heartless, nobodies and unversed part, I would have kept everyone there as a party member. You controlling Sora, but all your party members are Donald, goofy, Ven, Aqua, Riku, Mickey and Lea. That keeps other people from doing crap off screen as tends to happen a bit in KH3. Next when everyone got bodied by Terranort, I’d keep as is, with some minor changes, Lea gets bodied the way he did, Ven gets caught off guard, instead of Kairi acting like she doesn’t have a Keyblade why not give her a barrier spell like Aqua, have her defend herself and force terranort to break through it and things playing out like they did with those minor changes. My boy Donald brought out that zettaflare I wasn’t ready for that. I got real hype when I saw that and then my feelings were hurt cause I thought Donald died. Anywho we now how things go after that.

skip to the labyrinth where we gotta pick which fight we want to hop in first. Ok so let’s say you help Riku first instead of Mickey like I did, go over there help Riku out right, let the cutscene role and we watch it then when we split up, instead of us controlling Sora and running to help Mickey, why not cut us over there and let us control Mickey for that 4v1 and either we hold them off until Sora gets there or they have us defeat one of them or half health one of them and then Sora arrives and we pick between using Sora and Mickey. Handle up on that. We then see Lea and Kairi vs Xion and Saix and on the other hand it’s Ven and Aqua vs Terranort Andrew vanitas, matter of fact why not lingering will cause he disappeared. So we go help Lea and Kairi fight and then we get to pick who we use then when Kairi gets snatched away, let Roxas and Xion handle Saix while Lea sits there and watches and Sora leaves to go help Kairi, but in the way he stops and helps the lingering will, Ven and Aqua. Choose between using Xion or Roxas, beat the hell out of Saix, cutscene and then another cutscene showingthe trio of Ven, Aqua and lingering will, choose a character fight it out, one of your party members goes down (let’s say you picked lingering will), cutscene lingering will get bodied by Terranort cause he jumped in front of some attack to save Ven or Aqua cause one of them was about to kick the bucket, Sora shows up, 3v2 and then that takes place the way it did after that. You make your way up to fight The badass trio. Keep as is using Sora and the 3v3. The rest of the game stays as is. I’d say another tweak is keeping attraction flows limited to Donald and goofy in your party and not appearing as frequently. Maybe adding a cool down time too. Also with situation commands if you get a bunch that pop up you only get to pick maybe one or two of them. One grand magic and a Keyblade transformation cause those bad boys pooped up often as well.

Thats all I can think of for right now so yeah. I’d like to know what you guys would improve apon for KH3 or even if you agree or disagree with something I said. Yeah I know it’s a lot to read so I don’t blame you if you don’t read it all, but hey why not chime in and add your own instead. 


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