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My Thoughts on Kingdom Hearts III

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Whew. What a ride this game was. Just finished this afternoon and I must say, this game was everything I was hoping for. I've been excited to post my final thoughts for a few days now (since before I finished the game), and I will do so now. Spoilers will be left to the end, so anyone who hasn't finished yet doesn't need to worry. Also I'm not going to go into detail on the Disney worlds, because I already posted a topic yesterday detailing my thoughts on those. Go ahead and check it out here if you're curious.

First off, the gameplay. This game was suuuuuuper fun to play. I especially loved how diverse the battles were. The additions of attraction flow and keyblade transformations allowed me to play through the game in whatever style I wanted. I will admit, I rarely used the attractions in battle. I found that the setup for them took a little too long (though I did like that you could skip the opening sequences) and that they weren't overly useful. I also rarely used the links, although summons have never interested me in the KH series, so this was more of a  choice made out of habit. Most of my time during battle was spent using magic, along with the keyblade transformations, which I found were super fun to use and made battles much more exciting. On the topic of difficulty, I will agree with many people in that the game was pretty easy. I played through it on standard and only died once. However, this did not detract from my experience playing the game. All in all, the gameplay was great. 

Now then, the story. For the most part, this game had a great story. It was a fantastic way to end the Xehanort Saga, and did a great job tying up a bunch of the loose ends. Heck, it even ended up answering some questions I didn't even know I had. Now, this being said, I did find that there were some pacing issues. There were a few instances wherein the game would hastily incorporate some kind of explanation or motive for a character and then it just never came back. Nothing too major, just a few little instances that had me wondering "hang on, whatever happened with that?" The stories in the worlds were a little more iffy, but again I won't dive back into that here because I already discussed it in my KHIII Disney Worlds topic. Most of my problems are just nitpicks, though. For the most part, I loved the game.

Quick note on the ending, since this seems to be the hottest topic relating to the game as a whole. I loved the ending. There, I said it. I honestly thought it was fantastic. I thought it was a great way to wrap up the Xehanort saga and also it does a great job of building anticipation for the future of the series. I can't say much more without going into spoiler territory, so in this section I'll just leave it at that.

From here on out, I will be diving into spoiler territory. If you haven't played/finished the game yet and/or haven't seen the epilogue or secret ending, turn back now. You have been warned.


. During the first half of the game, I was disappointed with the lack of story development. I found that during the portion of the games focusing on disney worlds they seemed to focus more on those rather than the game's story as a whole. However, once I finished the final Disney world and the game's main story received 100% of the focus, I actually loved that they chose to present the game this way. Why? Because once the disney worlds were done and I went to save Aqua, my excitement levels catapulted into the stratosphere, and since there weren't any more Disney worlds to distract from the game's overall story, it stayed all the way up there right through to the end of the game. It was awesome!

There were some awesome surprises in this game. Some of my favourites included being able to actively run around in the Land of Departure (even though it was very brief), the surprise boss fight wherein I got to play as Aqua, and having the other Guardians of light actually in my party during the battles with the Seekers during the endgame. 

Now then, this brings me to the ending. The thing that seems to have many fans struggling to continue with the series. Like I said above, I loved it. I thought it was great! It actually did bring me to tears, mainly because I had a feeling as to what was going to happen because Young Xehanort kept telling Sora that he wouldn't make it out alive. And when Kairi died, I knew: Sora would give his life to save her. He wouldn't be able to bring her back without giving something in return, and the price was that he would have to take her place/give his own heart in exchange for hers. At least, that's what I think. I think this ending requires people to stop aand think for a moment. Sora isn't gone forever; Nomura has always said that Kingdom Hearts is Sora's story, and that KHIII is not the final game in the series. Everything will be okay. Other beautiful scenes were Axel, Roxas and Xion's reunion, Riku and Repliku making peace with each other, seeing Namine finally become her own person, and seeing Aqua, Ventus and Terra happily reunited. It was amazing.

The epilogue confirmed suspicions I've had for a while: the next chapter will involve the Foretellers, therefore weaving the main series with the story of KHUX. While I know a lot of people don't like this at all, I don't think KHUX will be exclusive to mobile devices forever. I think that once the KHUX story is finished on mobile devices, a console port will be developed and released. Now that KHUX is confirmed to be part of the main series, it would be weird for them to leave it just on mobile devices, especially since a lot of people legitimately aren't able to play it. As for my opinion on the epilogue's reveal, once again, I loved it! I've always suspected that Xigbar/Braig had more to him beneath the surface, and his reveal as Luxu confirmed this. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does in future installments. I'll admit, though, seeing him holding a keyblade, let alone Xehanort's, was... weird. Also, I have a theory that Ava was the amnesiac girl that Lea and Isa were friends with when they were teens. But I have no proof, just a hunch. It would explain why she didn't show up at the Keyblade Graveyard.

The lack of Final Fantasy characters in this entry, in my opinion, is completely understandable. The series has so many original characters at this point that there's kind of no room for FF characters in this entry. And to be honest, I didn't miss them in the slightest. To be honest, I never found that the FF characters added that much to begin with. I imagine a lot of people will disagree with me on this point, and I totally get that. Regardless, I imagine we'll be seeing much more Final Fantasy in the Kingdom Hearts games to come. I think they just couldn't find room for them here. 

This brings me to the secret ending, which was the only part of the ending that I wasn't totally on board with. I did love that Riku woke up in the world of the fictional video game we saw in Toy Box, Verrum Rex. As soon as I saw that fake trailer for it I wanted to play that game and see that world, and it looks like we'll actually get to do so in the series' next entry. However, the thing I wasn't entirely on board with in the secret ending was Sora ending up in Shibuya. To be fair, it does make some sense, but I've always disagreed with the idea of adding worlds from non-disney properties, particularly those from other video games. The reason why is that we've already had a chance to explore these worlds in the games where they were introduced. I just feel like, if you want to explore The World Ends With You's version of Shibuya, just pop the game in and explore it there. This is also part of the reason why I don't like the idea of adding Final Fantasy worlds to the Kingdom Hearts series. But that's just my opinion on this, and it's an entirely different subject, so I won't get into it any more here. Regardless, I didn't hate the secret ending. I did like it, I'm just a bit concerned as to what it might mean.

So there you go, my thoughts on Kingdom Hearts III. As of right now, it's probably in my top 5 Kingdom Hearts games. I need to play it again in order to give it a more solid ranking, but I would definitely put it above KHII (I know, I know. that sounds crazy. Please don't bite my head off for that, but KHII didn't grab me like it did so many other people. I love it, but not as much as some of the other entries). Thanks for reading, and feel free to share your opinions on my thoughts and points. And, like always, remember that this is just my opinion. Happy gaming! :) 

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20 hours ago, SweetYetSalty said:

Nice review! I just finished the game myself. Once I gather all my thoughts I'll do a mini review myself!

Glad you enjoyed it! I was a little worried that a couple of my points might get some backlash,  but I did my best to be fair and keep a balance between positive and negative points. I'll keep an eye out for yours. :)

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Awesome review for the game, Allwil13!

I agree with your thoughts on the game, it was an absolute blast to play, and the story's emotional touches resonated very strongly, to the point that I cried numerous times! After following all these characters for so long, it warmed my heart to see how everything came full circle! The game was a masterpiece, and a perfect conclusion to the Xehanort Saga! My gripes with the game are very minimal, practically non-existent, since the pros far outweigh the cons! I'll also be doing a review one of these days! But yes, this game gets a solid 9 out of 10! :D

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