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Clumsy Keyblade Wielder


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I didnt realize i posted this in a different section of the forums my bad. So i was trying to save my game after leveling my ship up and it was "saving" for the past 5 minutes. I DID NOT TURN MY CONSOLE OFF but i started up another game and went right back to KH3. I now have an infinite saving screen BEFORE the opening clip. I really hope my saves arent corrupt because i put 27 hours of hard work into this game. and i REALLY dont want to start all over again. Please is there anything i can do? i probably shouldnt have left the saving screen at all but it wasnt going away. that was the longest it ever took to save my game. please is there anything i can do? the console is currently still on as i wait for a reply.

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1 minute ago, Raphael Millon said:

I strongly believe your save file is corrupted. This happened to a friend of mine on an Xbox One S after Marluxia's scene in Corona for no reason apparently. I am sorry I can't help you that much

omg nooo... i also have Xbox One S hmmm maybe theres a connection there with xbox one s for the bug. Ugh so now what do i delete the game reinstall it? or delete the save? this never happened to me in any game before

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