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I'm here bored at work, so I thought I'd just start a new thread (there might be one like this already on here somewhere). Something that has stayed with me ever since back cover came out was that when MoM took on his apprentices, he gave them new identities. Meaning that Ira, Invi, Aced, Gula, Ava, and potentially Luxu all went by other names before they became keyblade masters and union leaders. The fact that we've also never seen their faces makes me want to know who these people are and if they already have some ties to any of the main characters from KH 1-3. I want to believe that this is somehow connected to whoever subject X might be and why Ava was missing from the Forteller reunion at the end of KH3. Obviously this will all be revealed at some point whenever we get more story content released in future games, but I just like theories and speculation. So indulge me while I'm bored at work. I wanna hear what the community has to say :) 


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All we really know is that apparently they had decendants, and Eraqus was one of them.  As for Subject X, it's heavily speculated that it's Skuld, since she represents Stars, while Lea and Isa represent the Sun and Moon.  As for Ava, Luxu mentioned she completed her mission, and that's why she didn't appear with the others.

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