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Wouldn’t it be cool to actually go back & fight alongside Tidus, Wakka, & Selphie in the Destiny Islands?
These three are canonically around Sora’s age as of his debut, and home boy is a super-duper powerful guardian of light; the same can be said for Tidus, Wakka, & Selphie in their own rights by the time of their respective final fantasy debuts at theleast.

Therefore, these three literally grew up with Sora & nem. So, shouldn’t their own own strengths and unique skills have become more powerful the same way Sora’s has thus far?

Going off of this gameplay-wise would have their unique skills have become stronger and more profound.
Their stats could be more akin to their original final fantasy counterparts’ stats.
For instance, I’m thinking they can at least have limit attacks that can be activated via situation commands, (e.g, a Tidus Limit Break that can be activated by Sora or Riku)

They make such a big deal about these three being the main trios best friends outside of each orher in kh 1.5 - 2.5, so why not have them do more in game?

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> Tidus, Selphie, and Wakka are Sora's three friends on Destiny Islands, and are a set of optional bosses found in Kingdom Hearts. They ask Sora to have practice fights with them on the first and second days on the island. After defeating each of them individually, Sora can ask to fight all of them simultaneously. Tidus is also a mini-boss in Kingdom Hearts coded and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

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Turned a 3 second clip into a 41 second clip and found this really neat thing about Sora's Dispel animation on Marluxia's fight.

Rage form literally reverts up Sora's body for this animation. You can tell that he's still in Rage form because of his eyes xD

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