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never had that issue. even ff7 original still has a great UI. probably the only thing that aged properly

but this time is true
graphics aged poorly, and i think i dont have to say anything about the terrible translations

spanish translation was even worse than english

feels like everything was translated by a machine. like google translator beta

they left the first one for spanish translation in 7R
and tbh i think both are correct. they are different ways to adapt japanese name but i think they are correct

her name appears in the coliseum

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sometimes the name made in the translation is better
another example is krilin in dragon ball. you can usually see him with a cap that says "KULILIN" which clearly sounds like the name he was supposed to have

they adapted it based on japanese rules

i think they left it like that in all languages bc its much better than "kulilin"

even spain with our terrible translation in dbz
they left the english name

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