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So major leaks ahead for Multiverse of Madness so spoilers lol

||So as of now heres the roster for the Illuminati

Maria Rambeau (Captain Marvel)
Magneto (Likely Ian McKellen)
Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart)
Mordo (Variant not MCU timeline one)

Theres two more left that havent been leaked but likely candidates are Captain Carter, and Balder The Brave||

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Mordo (Variant not MCU timeline one)

That makes me wonder when the hell they're going to bring back the MCU variant of


again. We haven't heard a peep from him since the last post credit tease 5 years ago.

That is 5 real-life years, not MCU timeline years.

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This is why its not the MCU one, this leak looking more accurate then MTTSH at this point, the leaker in question just says this is a fan theory but there are so many random things here that got confirmed by NWH that I think them saying that is bullshit lol



MCU Mordo is meant to die in like the first ten minutes by Wanda


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