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he played two different jokers

he played twins that became jokers

they did a joker tease since season 1


joker 1

joker 2

Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska are characters and antagonists on the FOX television series Gotham, portrayed by Cameron Monaghan. ... It is left up to interpretation whether or not Jeremiah becomes the Joker in the future, in keeping with most iterations of the character in which his origins are ambiguous.

this is joker two before

joker two over the vault's chemicals

hes not called the joker on the show cause gotham tv show wasnt allowed to use his name and stuff

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i mean aside from luke and leia theres not any remaining jedi left during the mando so that would leave ansoka and ezra( if hes alive) left inb4 "but you forget cal from fallen order", who else would tales of the jedi would be based on? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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