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I was bored. So I started watching The Amazing Spider Man 2 on Netflix.

Then when I finished that, I was still bored so I started watching The Social Network for the 67th time, and I got like halfway through the film before it clicked that I was just watching two Andrew Garfield movies back-to-back.

That's how you know he's a great actor. It's not that he looks different or anything, you just get so immersed into the characters he plays that you don't think about who's playing them.

The TASM movies have a lot of faults, but Andrew's acting is not one of them.

It's a great film. One of my favorites. I'm a sucker for Sorkin dialogue.

And yea, the soundtrack complements it perfectly

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his real sin is being tricked constantly by xenanort

you gotta remember that xenanort told maleficent to lead him on the path of darkness cause he promised her shit

he was using her the entire time

she admitted this in 3 tho. she had enough of his bullshit lol

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