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I respect him, don't get me wrong but- I don't love him. Mostly cause his fans are weirdly obsessive.

I think it's the King thing.

Like, I get it that's his nickname but like, they call him King like it's his real name lol. Not everyone went around calling Kobe "Mamba", or, Jordan "Air Jordan" like they were their first names you know what I mean?

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Oh sure, but, it's not the nickname itself it's the way people use it; LeBron's fans use "King James" so much as if it's an official designation or replacement for his name lol

People called Jordan Airness or Greatness, like, for headlines and merchandising. They didn't call him that in casual conversation lmao

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I used to like him until he left the Heat

Yeah...I know. I'm a Floridan, I live in Florida, but 4 hours from Orlando (where the Walt Disney Parks are at)

Call me crazy, or a cheap human being

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