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I've just been having terrible luck

Like, do you know that one area of the map where you get encounters with strong enemies?

I keep consistently getting the enemies that aren't weak to fire

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Well, ok

So the game naturally has some wonky coding, right

There's the southern area, which has weaker enemies, and the northern area, which has stronger enemies

And to get to that area, you have to take the long way around

But there's a peninsula in the southern part of the map that is technically located in the northern area

So you are able to fight very strong enemies that give a ton of EXP very early in the game

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That is actually a godsend considering how terrible the MP system in the game is

Where you can't go two screen transitions before running out of useful magic in the early game

But I kept getting bad luck and fighting the one enemy that isn't weak to Fire 2

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