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One second in Sora's heart, the next on Destiny Islands for a year, the following in a forest, and then finally in an arm chair

yes, an arm chair

oh yeah i forgot jail

that happened


it's fine to say that actually, the spoiler policy here is up

we're coming up on 3 years since KH3 anyway

i just ordered the days manga

and i ordered the KH2, coded, and KH3 LN

i think that'll mean i have all the LNs

yeah idk why the first vol of Days manga is so hard to find

i wonder why

no Barnes and Nobles near you"?

i got mine online from them but you could try looking in stroe

i got mine online from them but you could try looking in store

they have a whole section dedicated to manga actually

idk about these days but i remember in high school i saw a few KH ones

oh dang, that's really nice


i have a few things

none of my posters are up but

incoming image spam

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