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Although the Princesses and Princes sometimes acknowledge KH when they see fans' merch

Like, I remember reading that someone had Sora pins on their handbag and a couple of Princesses noticed and talked about how Sora visited them or something like that

But tbh I think in this case it's more of Square Enix's fault than Disney

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No disney own the rights to kh and the characters actually and nomura has been on record i think saying that he dunno why they arent in the parks in japan

here's the context of why i said disneyland doesnt acknowledged kh

When they asked what my favorite Disney ip at the office i said Kingdom Hearts they said no they don't have one and that it's not real. I went what? you guys own the rights to the game series and characters. then they said pick something like Marvel and i said Lion King then what character i said Simba. That's what they need for my badge/tag apparently. They said they never heard of Kingdom Hearts nor have the rights to it

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