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On 5/25/2023 at 12:34 AM, 👑 Blade_Dog 👑 said:

I feel bad for the people who work at disney now and we already know that disney is pushing woke agenda WAY to far and they are getting sued.

If Disney is so "woke" then why do they cater to their Chinese audiences in erasing LGBT+ and black people like with Black Panther and the live action Mulan movie?

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Even as a conservative, I have no clue where this sentiment is coming from. Disney is well known for having little to no controversial content in their films.

And before you say anything, I’m bi. Therefore, my view on the situation is mostly neutral.

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oh it's stiII here

I dunnnoooooo
I can't trust someone that has such a channeI name
unIess he's posting unbiased documentaries, I'm not gonna approve of such a uh.

narcissistic channeI name

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