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I have been slapped with knowledge 🌈

So anyway, I was looking over Rikku's design from FFX (not 10-2) and realized it looked off because every piece of clothing is a different color which made it look more chaotic than it actually was.

But, considering she is Al Bhed and they are travelers, it makes sense that their clothes looked hodgepodged because they're collecting articles along the way, so it's actually genius in hindsight.

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Well, I gotta stop putting off what happened to me over the weekend.  Someone scammed me out of a $150 bucks in Apple gift cards because I thought they had my missing cat.  One of my two cats, Hanabi went missing for two days.  She's found now and I had to block the numbers of the people that kept saying that they would meet me to give me Hanabi back.  They sent two pictures of a Siamese cat that I thought was Hanabi.  I also felt like I was being a pain in the neck to the scammer and if I gave them more money, so they can pay off their iPhone, they would finally meet me to give me Hanabi back.

I get freaked out every time I hear my phone vibrating alerting me to a text message.  Desperation drove me out of $150 and I wish the person or people didn't use Cashapp, three different gmails, and two different phone numbers.  Plus, they called me repeated.  I blocked them.  I hate feeling like I'm in the one in the wrong and have to find ways to get the money back when that/those rip-off artist(s) gets to enjoy their life and have their Apple iPhone updated and have gas, well that's what they told me.

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Big mood
I sometimes have to wear a compression glove on the same hand as u 😭

I literally cannot even do on thumbs up on my right hand😑

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