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With anything like that I always feel it appropriate to invoke the idea of separating the art from the artist, and I think most people can and often do, do that as well. I think when it gets tricky is, trying to figure out how much of the author themselves in I the work itself.

H.P. Lovecraft is arguably the poster child for that imo.

Of course, that's a subjective, person-to-person thing, for a situation and question that in turn, is subjective- so it's subjectivity within subjectivity; tl;dr- there's not one answe- right or wrong.

As long as you reach your decision, and don't shame folks for theirs, it'll work itself out.

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Sure you can separate the art from the artist and still love her works. All the power to ya

But also if you financially support her franchises you are financially supporting her and her believes

So I say: pirate her crap! Don’t financially support bigots

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I’m other news. People of this server I just want to announce

I feel heckin good in my body

Like I look at me in a mirror and I think “damnnnnnn who’s that good looking person” and then I realize it’s me and I’m like “DAMMMNNNNN”

Just a happy lol trans NB vent

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