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For real tho..

Even sadder, is when you see the disappointed look on his face and the sheer defeat and grief... he felt that he failed in his promise to bring peace, and liekly still beats himself up over the accidental freeing of Vaatu even if he did seal them.

Even sadder... When you consider the lore we were told, darkness can't defeat light, nor can light fully end darkness.. Wan's spirit, along with Raava, are doomed to a cycle of violence.. for a balance that may never come.. But even if they never win, they won't give up, just like Raava said @Inçendyne

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indeed, but eh.. artistic liberties

Also, a detail liely gone unnoticed.. in the shot, where Wan dies, thhere's arrows near himm and all around him.. Since it's on nicktoons, they likely can't show this, but.. I think they're implying he was full of arrows ah

i should probs sleep

Night ah

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