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Alright.. so, maybe you looked through his channel or maybe you didn't, but.. this guy? He's dedicated* to making clickbait videos that don't really say anything other than "lefties and SJWs bad, they are NPCs, I am smart, follow me guys".... Like, their entire channel, is filled to the brim with misinformation after misinformation from this guy, who's not actually interested in arguing their point but rather just interested in *Owning the libs* ™ . He's like any other youtuber that makes videos like this and just happens to lean right-wing: Make a video, or multiple, you know, whatever keeps the money flowing more, and just *lie* about what acually happened because its easier to meme(ala, the usage of the terms NPCs and SJWs) than to actually present his points about WHY said people are """problematic""".... They're against any form of inclusion, diversity, or any of those aprticular nature in *any kind of media, even going so far as to say "they're gonna lose money if they do this!" even thogh, factually, they are incorrect.. Often times, the thhings they have """argued""" against(whcih, let me be real, they barely do), have gone on to be successful.. Examples include, but are not limited to, Star Wars, Battlefield 5, Fire Emblem Three HouseS(Dude straight up siad its going to do terribly because they replaced a scummy voice actor on it),and even Captain Marvel(Whcih, despite what some of you might feel on the film, DID do well)

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For a better example of what this guy does, look at the countless, and I mean countless videos they have on the Vic cse... all they do, is taunt and mock those who are against Vic, and touts basically everything as a "win for Vic, get owned, Libs and NPCS!"

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