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I mean, I will agree that Sony has some faults in this. They definitely could have pushed for a deal that would satisfy both parties but ultimately Disney is the one who pushed for this situation to happen

> but ultimately...most people want control of Spider-Man to be with Marvel
Here's the thing tho, these are corporations and how they can survive. Spider-man is a huge thing for Sony's film divison. Giving 50% to Disney is way too damn much, especially as Sony was the one doing the heavy lifting in the previous two movies with Feige helping here and there somewhat

Yes, but Sony is the one who funded those movies, got the writer and directors

Feige did the part of adding it into the MCU

No, that was Sony

Dude no, they didn't

Sony funded it all

The new deal with 50% would have had Disney funding it

The amount of money they lose dude

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Disney already have 100% in merchandise

Adding another 50% is too much on them too

Whether it sucks isn't the point

They still earn money

Venom did well enough to continue

They aren't going full funding

It's 50%

Marvel owns it, but not for movies

No, half of it by them

I am working right now, so some words might get jumbled

Which makes their greediness just stupid

They have more than enough to survive

They don't need the 50% deal

Especially with the merchandise part

My point isn't on the owning part. It's about the money they recieve in all of this

Disney still gets all the money on merchandise that even Sony does

The video game is owned by Marvel, not sony

Right, but Disney can just say "firetruck off" now and it's gone


At this point, it's the same

Well, point is. Marvel or Disney can just tell Sony to not use the Spidey IP again for the games

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Disney: accept this shitty deal

Sony: no

Disney: firetruck you

Everyone: firetruck sony

There, I summarised it

Semantics laughsinnomura

Marvel studios currently is beholden to disney

Disney's even started to influence the comics now


That is sad

Frankly I can barely stand mcu spidey


Raimi 4

darkness darkness darkness

darkness darkness darkness darkness darkness darkness darkness

Ahh that distinction

I agree then

Civil war spidey is still best mcu one


Yeah he's only good in Avengers films

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