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On 11/24/2022 at 3:31 PM, Albert98 said:

I know it's dumb for me to use Union Cross looks for these characters, but just want to say Happy Thanksgiving, and hopefully you have a great time

All you're missing is Elrena and Laurium.

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So going back into Wrath of Nobodies Fanfic. I thought about rereleasing it on AO3 and YouTube...but as a Final Mix rendition

Meaning there are things I do have in mind that I wanted to bring up, but picture it as if it's a Final Mix version of the story

Lots of things are going to change and added to the story
Here's a list that will be the additions to the story:
- More scenes involving with the Organization and Jafar
- Zexion being removed from Twilight Town, yet Marluxia will make his debut still there with a different script
- There will be a struggle tournament battle before an Org invades with Nobodies
- A new Disney World will be added (I chose Rescue Aid Society from The Rescuers, and Zexion will be the in the world that he'll invade, yet his role will remain the same as how it was previously)
- After being the story, there will be additional battles such as the Data Organization (now with 15 battles, plus the Armor Sea Salt and Snake Jafar)
- A Secret Super Boss (I won't say who it is)

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