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You keep saying that but my point was more so that I don’t think this or any other channel is here for straight up fan fic paragraphs lol

I mean I could but wrong but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see till a mod looks over here

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??? I thought you were suggesting it as a legit leak so loll

reading text is very difficult

:dad: sorry bro

I saw it in fanart art and was like "Oh this dude trying to come it off as a legit leak because of his text"
and its midnight here so didnt think clearly lmao

plus I didnt mean the "very poor cgi" to be directed at you since I didnt know it was so haha

just in the future when it gets posted here try to make it like its meant to be

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its hard to tell where is someone from by just having text. all i can do is assume with the name or pfp

if i knew that i would neversaid the first one

wdym, you cant see your own messages here? or in the forum?

well, could be something about discord itself. there are some problem with the server
in fact search function is not working right now

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