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I wanted to show this off, because as I’m currently working on my Fanfic KH side story (Wrath of Nobodies) and since Atlantica is the next chapter. I wanted to show you all Roxas and Xion’s new looks in their Merman/Mermaid designs. And yes, we’re going under the sea again, but the story will be taking place in the Events of the video to direct Little Mermaid sequel; Return to the Sea

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Yeah, i didnt really like him showing up in kh3 at first TBH.

I was confused and was like "bro tf you died"

I kinda still dont understand how he came back, like, supposably other people cant see him?

I find it really funmy though.

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His heart after his defeat in CoM was sent to the realm of darkness where he wandered until he found Riku during KH3

My headcanon is that his heart went to lie dormant in Riku's heart and wasn't awakened until KH3

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