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Ding ding.
Yeah so my dnd character is a Kobold who looks like an Axolotl and he devolved in how I drew him over the years of playing him into wooper.
The running gag is that my character is in fact a talking Wooper with a gun, who just wants to open a bar

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19 hours ago, LiverX said:


Oh, there's a creepypasta with a Wooper.  It's nothing big just some kid that played with their older sibling's DS and wanting to catch a shiny Wooper.  The kid was like five or something and got upset the shiny Wooper they caught was a male.  The regular Wooper they caught was blue and female.  They discarded the Wooper and the next one they caught was what they described as an abomination of the two.  Should I link that creepypasta if I find it?

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