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I'd be on board with this, except I have a feeling this means something else is coming

I know its negative thinking but that's what happens when you are with this game for so long, one problem dying means another one will replace it and most likely have the same issue.

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The first response was my reaction to the extreme luck of those draws. And yeah I can see these positive updates, but I was more concerned with them adding a new mechanic later on that just brings back another stacking issue.

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It seems like the notice and tweet about the update is addressing those issues.

Stackable trait medals are a godsend and should have been included when they initially added the stacking feature.

It's nice to see the feedback was taken into consideration.

If the notice is anything to go by, our (Global) scheduled maintenance that will add the two new features will happen on the 27th.

Being that it's a Thursday that it falls on, that would be a good day for a Story or Proud Mode update.

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