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I think given the experience that our player has been through even if he was reincarnated into Xehanort there should have been something to stop him from doing all that he did. I know reincarnation is tricky and they’re not the same person, but in this series I would say it’s the same heart reborn into someone else. If Player never fell to darkness, why was it so easy for Xehanort to fall and destroy everything in his path over some misguided ideation /spoiler



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Posted (edited)
17 hours ago, Double OKP said:

the kids who've been growing up with KH are growing up
they're ready

We'll have to see how grim Disney lets Nomura get.

1 hour ago, Silent Multiverse said:

ill give a reason


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MoM firetrucked with xehanort to turn him onto the path of darkness that's why he's the way he was. thanks to MoM.



That old guy at the end with Young Master Xehanort was MoM?


I forgot how to do spoiler tags here.

Never mind, I did it!

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Brain asks Lauriam to etch his objective into his heart (that being the goal to find Strelitzia), and follow his heart. According to the character files, the only thing that Marluxia remembers is.....Strelitzia. WOW Nomura

i'm so not over this update

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