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Incredibly ambitious for just two people

The fun part is knowing the large portion of people who played KH3 and never touched any of Unchained X or Union X and they're gonna be totally lost when we reach the next few titles

Like the epilogue probably failed to blow their minds cause they had no idea what they were looking at.

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LOL that'll be terrible to watch! Just seeing people simply stare...
Well, that happened to me. I was simply watching the Epilogue, not knowing who Luxu or those animal-masked people were because I didn't know what the X series was

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The Special Tab is still broken b/c of how they locked the Quests.

Are you going to splurge jewels on upgrades and medals or use them in Dark Road?

I mean, I guess you don't really need more upgrades since you got past all of that stuff by now.

It's just another achievement.

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