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they mean different things and probably just have similar origins in language; they’re both part of norse mythos after all

we dont know Anything abt sigurd tho, there may be some connection between him and the students in scala. i wonder abt the way scalan society functions in sigurd’s time, because he appears to work for a particular organization, but xehanort’s era of scala appears to be focused just on teaching keyblade wielders.

idk.... scala seems So Big and has so much potential for lore and exploration. it’s design alone in kh3 hints so much about the life and lives of those who used to inhabit it. hopefully we get to see a Lot more of it

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When finding out that the 365th day of having KHUX does not coincide with the KHUXDR JP EoS because:
1). JST time is June 17th, but PST time is still June 16th
2). Missed one day of login, making it go one more day off
3). Finding out that I misread 356 for 365; I'm actually on my 354th day today

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i think it's just similar to how heartless work, with different categories. pureblood and emblem, whereas dream eaters have spirits, nightmares, and special ones

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