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that one made more sense haha

you're probably glad it doesn't exist then

since no one stays dead

okay we can also tone down the memes in this channel

he HAS to

you really think Disney would allow any of that?

look at Dolan in Kh3

man came back anyway after casting the most powerful spell ever

Goofy got a concussion and that's it

you're missing the point in which Disney has a huge say in literally all things KH

no no they have a lot more stake

ie no one can stay dead

we've come full circle


and then he lost and got encased in ice


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I'm not wrong though

I think Sharpay Evans is going to be the final big bad in the KH series

HMS is pretty low on the list of cringeworthiness when it comes to Disney Channel originals

And "Bet On It" from HMS 2 is the best song ever. Period.

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Most of the DC originals are painfully low budget

But the songs are lit

I can listen to Descendants songs all day, but I can't watch the movies without cringing.

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